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  1. […] in northern India but is a favorite south Indian vegetable too. It is added to sambar, sabzee, upma, vangibath and a variety of  South Indian dishes. It is also used as a pizza topping and is also […]

  2. […] Kanyakumari is the southern tip of India which has got many specialties. The place also sees the confluence of the three major oceans the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. A close observation reveals the demarcation of the three oceans by their color. The place is also famous for the Vivekananda Rock Memorial apart from other Kanyakumari Tourist Places […]

  3. […] is a serene hill station located amidst the two beautiful, very attractive and popular hill stations, the prominent travel attractions in India. The picturesque hilly region Mussoorie at a distance of […]

  4. […] Himachal Pradesh is called Devabhoomi (Land of the Gods) so a visit to the Gods is a must. And nothing can be better than the Gurudwara and countless Temples it has for the faithful. The temples have the wooden architecture with beautiful carvings on them. […]

  5. […] Upma or Uppittu is one of the ‘easy to make yet tasty’ breakfast and is one of the Karnataka famous food. It is dearer to everyone because of the variations one can make. I can list more than 25 types of Uppittu and each will have its own signature taste. Avarekalu upma, vegetable upma, plain upma, onion upma are some of the well-known varieties. Upma can be healthy, light or rich, spicy or bland and is best for lunch boxes and travel boxes. […]

  6. […] part of Kerala’s culture and is always attracted and appreciated by the audience. The arts of Kerala were associated with temples and religious practices, and gradually became assimilated into the […]

  7. […] is one of the most popular sweet desserts in India, There are lots of variants to what can be used for making Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa, Suji Ka Halwa, […]

  8. […] and by now the Laman Banjaras have spread their roots across the Indian sub-continent. They are a nomadic tribe and are believed to have migrated from the Gor province of Afghanistan. They were originally […]

  9. […] other Tribes of India, the Khasi tribe also has a religion of its own known as the “Ka Niam Khasi” or “Ka Niam […]

  10. […] for education in Jaipur where he was in charge of adult education school in Dausa district in Rajasthan. He also joined Tarun Bharat Sanga incepted by Jaipur university teachers and students. The aim of […]

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