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Seeking Blessings of the Gods: Manikaran Gurudwara, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva Temple - Realbharat

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Seeking Blessings of the Gods: Manikaran Gurudwara, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva Temple

manikaran himachal pardesh

Himachal Pradesh is called Devabhoomi (Land of the Gods) so a visit to the Gods is a must. And nothing can be better than the Gurudwara and countless Temples it has for the faithful. The temples have the wooden architecture with beautiful carvings on them.


Apart from the trekking, cuisine and fun activities, there is a spiritual aspect which an individual can discover during his/her trip to Kasol. The Parvati Valley has many legends associated with it, which therefore gives rise to various Temples and a Gurudwara.

The name Manikaran has significance in both Hindu and Sikh beliefs.

Manikaran Temples: Shiva and Rama Temples

The sage Manu, after the flood, created life here. There is also a legend that Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati resided here and one day she lost her Mani which was not found, thereby enraging Lord Shiva who opened is the third eye. Lord Vishnu’s symbol Sheshnaag helped in finding the Mani and thereby stopping the carnage that would have happened.

The temples present here are said to be the time of the Pandavas and are extremely ancient in nature.

Sahib Gurudwara in Manikaran Himachal Pradesh

Guru Nanak came here and conducted a Langar with his disciple Mardana, in which Rotis (Bread) were baked with the water of the hot spring. Therefore this place is auspicious for Sikhs as well.

Temple in Manikaran

Temple and Gurudwara at Manikaran (Image from the Internet)

As a result, you have the Manikaran Gurudwara, Lord Rama Temple, and Lord Shiva Temple. All of these lies at a small walk from Kasol and can be visited easily. There are hot springs present here too and people will be surprised that rice is actually cooked by the water as it is so hot. The Snaan (Holy bath) is done in the hot springs and is considered auspicious as well good for health due to medicinal properties of the water.

Gurudwara sahib manikaran

Hot water spring bath at Manikaran (Image from the Internet)

One can put up in the Gurudwara or in the many guest houses there or in Kasol, which is not very far. There are good Dhabas within the vicinity of the Gurudwara or the Temple which serve North Indian dishes, so food is not an issue.

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