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Kheerganga Trek: A Walk to the Snowy Bosom of the Himalaya


The Kheer Ganga trek is a 14 Kilometres long trek and leads you towards a hot spring where you can take a bath to sap the exhaustion from the trek. It is also a pilgrimage and the waters are considered to be sacred, having medicinal properties.

Where to Start Kheerganga Trek?

The starting point is Tosh or Barshaini. Both places can be reached from Kasol by taxi.

The Difficulty level of the Trek:

For experienced trekkers, it will be an easy trek but beginners will find a little tough as the maximum altitude touched is 10,000 feet. But the trek is easy and beginners should not worry at all.

Preparation for the Trek:

Pair of good trekking shoes, raincoat or poncho for protection from rain, electoral or ORS solution dissolved in water for rehydration and cargos and t-shirts which are not of cotton fabric as it does not dry out quickly.

Things to do on Kheerganga Trek:

Stargazing, do not miss to take your natural Sauna bath at the hot springs present there among the mind-boggling views, visiting the Shiva Temple, eating out and having tea or coffee at various cafes.

Hot Spring at Kheerganga (Image from the internet)

Shiva Temple at Kheerganga (Image from the internet)

The snow-covered peaks and green meadows dominate the trek leaving one gasping for more of nature’s beauty. The highest touched Kheerganga altitude is 10,800 feet and there is a waterfall on the way which is called Rudranaag. The trek can be demanding at times but not too much and even a moderately fit person should be able to do it comfortably.

Kheerganga Trek (Image from the Internet)

The best part of the view is the snowfields with pine trees sticking out of it. Looks like a view straight out of the movies.

Carry some dry fruits with you for energy and keep yourself hydrated by taking plenty of water with ORS dissolved in it. At this height, we get dehydrated but do not come to know about it. It can lead to altitude sickness, which is really not a pleasant experience. The trek can be a bit tough for a beginner but it is graded as an easy trek.

Pack warm clothes and raincoats with you, as you are going at an elevation of almost 11,000 feet, and the weather can change anytime for the worst. It is going to be cold as one can clearly see snow-covered mountains near the vicinity.

Accommodation: There are camps available at Kheerganga with a cost of around Rs. 500 but it can vary. There is a large number of cafe’s where one can eat at Kheer Ganga.

Potters and guides in all probability can be hired from Tosh village or in Kasol if one has a lot of luggage. For beginners, I will recommend that they move with a guide with them to avoid getting lost.

Camping at Kheerganga (Image from the Internet)

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