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Tosh Village : Base for trekking to paradise - Realbharat

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Tosh Village : Base for trekking to paradise

Tosh Village

The cousin of the Malana Village is the Tosh village, which again is a 20 kilometers ride from Kasol with a few bad patches of road, there is no trek unlike Malana village. While riding through to Tosh village, I saw the various moods of the Parvati river as it flows down. The beauty can’t be defined and has to be seen personally to be experienced.

How to reach: There are Taxis available to Tosh from Kasol and it is at a distance of 21 kms. from Kasol.

The altitude you reach at Tosh village is almost 8,000 feet, and from here you can see the snow covered peaks which are stunningly gorgeous. There are places to stay at Tosh, just in case one does not want to leave considering the beauty around it.

Tosh Village(Image from the internet)

But there is a manmade beauty I saw in Tosh village which was a Temple. It was made up of wood with beautiful carving and design that was sticking out from the rest of the scene. I asked a local and he said it was of Jamdagni Devata.

What to do in Tosh: Visit the local temple, the waterfall near the Dam, eat Israeli and other cuisines at various cafes there, go for hikes in the nearby area and the Parvati river.

The Beautiful wooden temple at Tosh

Along the way I experienced what fresh water was, when I drank water directly coming from the mountain cracks and filtered through the ways of mother nature.

One can stay at Tosh, as again, it has a lot of guest houses, cafes and unlike Malana, Tosh has camping locations as well. There are lesser taboos in the Tosh village as compared to Malana.

Where to eat in Tosh: Places are many like Maya Shiv Shakti cafe, Olive Garden, Shivaay Cafe and many many more. They are not very tough on your pocket and offer a variety of things.

Places to stay in Tosh: With lots of guest houses there is no problem of staying here. The rooms are cheap and you should get a decent accommodation starting from Rs. 500. If you want to camp then there are a few well maintained camping sites here.

I had Israeli cuisine at a restaurant there, whose walls were filled with graffiti and trance music was being played loud. I honestly felt that it was disturbing the serenity of the place but then this is the downside when a place gets popular.

“Another thing that disturbed me was the pollution that was being caused by the visitors, who had thrown plastic bottles and wrappers thinking they’ll magically disappear. Please do not pollute such a wonderful place.”

Barshaini and Tosh are the starting point of a heavenly destination called Kheer Ganga trek.

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