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5 Amazing places to Visit in your Himachal Tour, 2021

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5 Amazing places to Visit in your Himachal Tour, 2021

Himachal is an amazing place that captures the unadulterated beauty of mother earth. A popular tourist destination, it attracts visitors from across the Indian continent. Known for its hills, mountains, valleys and quaint villages, the place is a marvel for nature lovers. It is indeed a paradise that soothes you every time you go on Himachal tour.

Himachal - Snow Everywhere
Himachal Tour Beckons you

Very famous amongst tourists, people love the coldness of the river, milky snow that blankets the mountains and the pristine clear sky offering a panoramic view worth treasuring. It is also a great place for backpackers. A lot of services are available in these places like restaurants and hotels offering a comfortable stay.  In Himachal Pradesh, several holy places are also available offering langar which attracts tourists. Many songs of Famous Movies are shot here with the beauty and attractiveness of this state site.  If you are keen on exploring Himachal, here we enlist five places that are a must-visit once you are here:

Solan – The Mushroom Capital of India

The beautiful city of Solan is also known as the Mushroom capital of India. It is one of the most fabulous places for touring and travelling. It is a small little hill town located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a lovely hill station, hidden in the lap of nature. It attracts most of the tourists with many interesting places and historical monuments. One can also find the religious buildings, parks, fun and various adventure destinations here. For couple, there are guest rooms too with independent cottages and for families, homestays are also available.

People call it the “City of Red Gold ” because of the huge production of tomatoes.  Here the chirps of birds, clean sky, hot tea, and cold environment are found which makes the eyes and the heart of travellers mesmerized. For the Primary Himachal tour, this place is like gold and the key of a lock because of the beauty and colourfulness which spreads happiness all over.

Sirmour – Adventure Destination of Himachal tour

Sirmour is a district of Himachal. Here you find a lot of adventurous and holy places like Churdhar, Renuka Ji, Haripur, Habben Valley etc. It is also known as the ‘Peach bowl of India’. Churdhar is one of the highest peaks in this state. It is the holy spot of Lord Shiva. Many people came here to get their wishes fulfilled. Renuka Ji is a famous lake which is situated in Sirmour. It is one of the most beautiful and calm places. People love this place because it provides them with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is also famous for its gaming sanctuary and wildlife reserve.

Sirmour for Adventure Lovers

This site is most appropriate for Himachal tour because of its hotel and restaurant services and scenic beauty. In Sirmour, Habben valley is famous for its temples and their uniqueness and also its modern lifestyle. Whenever you come to Himachal with your besties and friends, do visit Sirmour as it is a polite locale for holidays.

Una – The Temple Town of Himachal

This region is a mixture of plain and hilly areas. It is a beautiful town near to the river Sawn. Here is a list of temples for travel like Chitpurni Temple, Shiva temple etc. Chitpurni is a major journey centre which attracts lakhs of people every year. Shaktipeeth is a female divinity, a source of energy and also a famous spot here. A relatively unexpected gem, the Solah Singhi Dhar, also known as the Hassan Dhar, was the output placed in the middle of two hills that also attracts historians and a lot of history lovers.

 This district is one of the major attraction for travellers which offers all required facilities. For Primary Himachal tours this spot getspreference in the heart of tourists. It is a beautiful place and people can enjoy here a lot.

Lahaul and Spiti – Nature’s Gifts

Lahaul & Spiti District in Himachal is bordered by elegant Himalayan hills and it boasts fascinating cold barren lands of the void, pristine trickling rivers, dramatic lakes, and rich Buddhist culture and history.  It has also a good transport facility easy to move from one place to another which are magical looking and convenient. The buttery snow and peaks make the traveller’s relaxation. Lahaul and Spiti is an amazing place to visit because of the rivers, lakes and other natural beauty. Lahaul&Spiti can leave you with wonderful memories in the soft corner of your heart. 

A place which is known as Kalong is the perfect base to start the journey with your besties, friends and relatives. Travellers can review and enjoy the mountain milky shade of the snowy peaks which is reflected in the water of Suraj lake, which is also known as the lake of God Sun. This site evokes the love for nature and creates their interest regarding the natural beauty of the site.

Barog – Best place to Rejuvenate

On the way to Shimla, a calm little hill town of Barog. a green environment with high peaks. It is the best place to spend a nice relaxing weekend. The Choor Chandini peak, bounded by pine trees, Nathan and Habban are amongst best picnic spots in and around the town of Barog. Barog is the best place for nature lovers as it has mountains with varieties of rare flowers and trees and can see the view and enjoy the cool weather.

Once you have explored the quaint little town of Barog, you could visit Dagshai and Karol Guffa on the way back. If your idea of a vacation involves solitude, natural beauty and mesmerising scenery, pack your bags and head to Barog.

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