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Dhanaulti – The Charismatic Hill Station

dhanaulti tourism

dhanaulti tourism

Dhanaulti is a serene hill station located amidst the two beautiful, very attractive and popular hill stations, the prominent travel attractions in India. The picturesque hilly region Mussoorie at a distance of 24 kms and breath-taking location Chamba at a distance of 29 kms, guards Dhanaulti at either side. The location itself adds zest and appeal to the passionate travelers.  

A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Located on the Chamba-Mussoorie road, elevated at a height of 2250 meters, the picturesque location blows you. If you have been searching for a refreshing attraction to escape from the hustle-bustle life of a metropolis, then look no further than Dhanaulti!  With approximately 8 hours drive from Delhi, enjoy the natural bliss tucked away in the dense forest with an exotic quoting of soothing cool climate.  

A Summer Retreat

Something that attracts most travelers is the soothing weather. Yes, more and more travelers are attracted by the Dhanaulti weather. Dhanaulti weather conditions are pleasant and extremely enjoyable during the summers, a must-visit destination for a summer retreat. You cannot afford to miss visiting Dhanaulti if you plan a travel to Mussoorie.  

An Offbeat Attraction– Kanatal Camps in Dhanaulti

While Dhanaulti itself an astounding attraction, Dhanaulti is famed for its Kanatal camp. Situated amidst the oak forests, Kanatal Camps in Dhanaulti is the coolest offbeat getaway. The highest temperature in the Kantal camp is 25°C! The camps provide delicious and hygienic foods. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Optimal comfort is ensured in all aspects starting from accommodation to amenities.  

imageActivities in the Kanatal Camp:

With more than 50 camps, Kanatal camp provides an array of activities.

  • Adventurous Activities: Invigorating and spine-chilling activities like Rock climbing, Valley crossing, trekking, rappelling, walking through the dense oak forest, etc
  • Entertaining sports activities: All ground sports like football, volleyball, badminton, etc and indoor sports.
  • Group activities: A perfect entertainment – join in groups, build as teams carrying similar interests, get involved and have fun.
  • Any camp is incomplete without the colorful bonfire. Here enjoy the bonfire along with the music.

Special camping packages are available that suits every pocket.

Not to Miss Special Activity:  River Rafting is a special activity available on demand. Don’t miss this excitement in water! Nearby attractions in the Dhanaulti and Kanatal camps in Dhanaulti

Surkhanda Devi Temple – Combine the spirituality with good trekking experience, embracing the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. It is one of the Shaktipeethas and the temple has amazing architecture.

Dhanaulti Eco park – A paradise for nature lovers located at a distance of 10 kms. The ecological park has an aromatic herbal garden, deodar forest, and also a great place to trek.

Tehri Dam – This is the highest dam in India constructed across Bhagirathi River. One of the major hydroelectric projects is centered across the Tehri dam. The entry is restricted, hence please check before you go there.

Tips: It is extremely essential to carry woolen fabrics to protect you from the freezing cold, although you would thoroughly enjoy the climate. Dhanaulti is easily accessible by road from Delhi.

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