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Satara City: Scenic Bliss of Maharashtra

Kas Plateau and Lake, Satara

Satara is a city famous for its amasatara tourismzing natural wonders as it is surrounded by seven beautiful hills. Jarandeshwar, Sajjangad, Ajinkyatara, Yawateshwar, Kitlicha Dongar, Nakdicha Dongar and Pedhyacha Bhairoba are the seven hills, after which the city is named as Satara. Satara is one of the historic cities of Maharashtra

Location of Satara:

The City of Satara is located in the district of Satara, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city was built in the 16th century and is 2320 ft. above the sea level. Satara is surrounded by the confluence of the great river Krishna with its tributary river Venna.

Satara Tourism:

Satara is famous for its scenic beauty and historical significance. There are many places to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature blended with its unique culture. Satara city offers the best experience for trekkers, nature and history lovers and thus it attracts the people of all age group, especially youngsters. Listed below are few of the famous places to visit in Satara:

1. Kas plateau and Kas Lake:

kas plateau and lake

Kas plateau is one of the best places in the whole of Maharashtra with its breathtaking nature’s bliss and is a true pride of Satara. Kas plateau is the land of flowers and is also one of the world heritage sites. It is home to numerous species of flowers, plants, butterflies, and herbs and is an adventurous place for trekkers.

2. Ajinkya Fort and Sajjangad Fort:

ajinkya fort

Both the forts attract lots of tourists and are the major landmark in Satara. They are famous for the Maratha style architecture and also as a land of peace.

3. Koyna dam:

koyna dam

The view of the Koyna dam is just amazing as it is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra. It is a perfect monsoon getaway for its scenic views and foggy atmosphere and heart-refreshing greenery.

4. Thosegarh waterfalls:

thosegar waterfalls

The waterfalls had a beautiful splash of nature with its serene view and this is one of the best in Satara, Maharashtra.

5. Patan:



Patan is a small town in the Satara district and near to Satara city with an access to the beautiful beach of Tarkarli and is also famous for the old Maharashtrian culture.

There are still many forts and places to visit in Satara like Pratapgad fort, Shivsagar lake, Karad hills etc. Apart from these places, there are many famous temples as well to visit. Gare Ganpati temple, Krishneshwar temple, Koteshwar temple are among the famous temples.

Accommodation facilities in Satara city:

There are many good hotels, lodges, and resorts, easily available in the city of Satara. Hotel Shreeman, Anandvan holiday home, Nivant hill resort etc. are few of the good hotels suitable for your stay in Satara. There are many restaurants easily available in Satara which serves local food as well as other cuisines.

Access to Satara:

1. By road: Satara is very well connected by roads as it is one of the major cities of Maharashtra.
2. By rail: Satara is well connected with railway and it has many regular inter-city and inter-state trains.
3. By air: Pune is the nearest airport to Satara.
Satara is one of the glorious cities of Maharastra with its historic past and serene nature. Thus one should not miss the chance of exploring the city of Satara.

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