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Chamba Valley – The Multifaceted Fascination

chamba valley

chamba valleyChamba Valley – the Multifaceted Fascination

Called as the valley of Milk and Honey, Chamba Valley is a natural bliss. Located in the northwest part of the state, Chamba Valley is one of the splendid tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. This town was named after the daughter of the king Raja Sahil Verman, who is now the worshipped as the patron deity of this mesmeric valley. Secluded by the cool and cozy snow clad barrier, the alluring monuments of this ancient city have been preserved at its best on the laps of Himalayas.

Chamba Valley – the Charming

Chamba is a perfect blend of multi-faceted attractions and artifacts. The picturesque hamlet is located on the banks of the river Ravi, which enhances the beauty of this ancient town. Chamba India lures the visitors for its exquisiteness, tranquillity, and refreshment. From ancient temples, pilgrim centers, audacious activities, to splendid architecture, Chamba fascinates the visitors providing the memories to cherish forever. Chamba remains the most favorite place in the whole of Himalayan attractions.

The land of Spirituality and Spellbinding Architecture

The specialty of Chamba tourism lies in the spellbinding architecture of beautiful temples. The exquisite Shikhara Style of architecture has best preserved in the heartlands of Himalayas. Manimahesh, the holiest place of the eternal God, of course, Lord Shiva, the major deity of the Himalayas is located in this serene valley. Manimahesh can be called the godly place in Himachal Pradesh.

khajjiyarOther prominent attractions include:

  • Bharmaur – a cluster of 84 temples called Chaurasi temples
  • Laxmi Narayana Temple – A most popular attraction of Chamba, a snow-clad temple. The intricate artwork and architecture is the blend traditional and typical Himachal style. It carries the archaeological importance and its unique charm
  • Khajji Naga Shrine – A sacred place with a beautifully carved wooden style of architecture
  • Dalhousie, located at a distance of 50 kms from Chamba Valley, is the most relaxing and soothing hill station.
  • Khajjiar Lake – A mini Switzerland in India. The lush green atmosphere, spellbinding lawn, exhilarating horse ride, local apple garden, beautiful orchids, and many more to visit!

Not to Miss – Shopping in Chamba.

Chamba has some finest collections of woolen clothes, artifacts, handicrafts, and accessories. You can buy good quality of embroidered silk clothes, Tibetan carpets and decorative crafts, Kullu shawls and sacred books.

How to Reach:

Chamba is easily reachable by all modes of transport and is well connected with all frequent transport services.

Frequent bus services are extended from Dalhousie. If you visit Dalhousie, don’t give a miss to relish the beauty of Chamba. Besides, private taxis are available for hire, which is quite expensive compared to a bus service.

The nearest airport to Chamba valley is Gaggal, which is located at a distance of 180 km from Chamba. Flights are operated by Indian Airlines and you have to take a taxi from Gaggal to arrive at Chamba.

For rail transport, the nearest railway station is at 122 km from the town of Chamba, at Pathankot. It is connected by train to major cities of India, Delhi, Kolkotta, Mumbai, and Amritsar.

 Accommodation and Climate

Being one of the popular travel attractions in Himachal Pradesh, the town provides plenty of comfortable accommodation for the travelers. The accommodations are aesthetically designed to provide a village style holiday. The buildings are made of mud and wood in a tasteful style constructed across the terrace and rolling mountains with all modern facilities.

kullu-festival-himachalSomething that is unpredictable with Chamba Valley is the climate. It may annoy you with frequent changes in the climate. So, the best time to visit the town is between March and September. The climate during this season is moderately cold and pleasant that makes your stay very pleasant.

Being an ancient city of India, you can make the most of your visit to Chamba Valley during the festivals and fairs. Chamba embarks a colourful and exotic festival in the month of April in commemoration of the queen Champavati. This festival lasts for 4 days and only children and women are allowed to participate in the festival. Music, colourful costumes, dance and feats are the part of this festival.

Chamba valley surely provides you everlasting memories to cherish forever!

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