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Delhi Assembly Elections: BJP launches battle, makes promises

Delhi Election heat picking up

Delhi Election heat picking up

Delhi Election heat picking up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew out a campaign at Ramleela Maidan on Saturday targetting the Delhi Assembly elections. Along with BJP president Amit Shah and other union ministers, Modi made various promises and launched a whole new battle to continue his winning trail. For the last 16 years, the BJP has been struggling to gain power in the capital, but this time it’s a whole new agenda and governance. No doubt capital has seen Modi in action and Modi magic would prevail here too, and so he asked for people’s support to make it happen.

Chief Ministers of Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand attended this campaign, where the party came out with flying colours in last six months. Modi, in his 35 minute speech targeted congress and AAP (Aam Admi Party). Moreover, he also made some promises to people in order to create a better tomorrow.

Modi Magic still effective?

Modi said that BJP government has taken measures to resolve the water issues in Delhi from the centre. Moreover, with regard to Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMGDY), 20 lakh new bank accounts have been opened in capital for the poor people. He also ensured that corruption will be eliminated from the grass root level and soon people would recognize changes in the system. In addition to it, he focused on the power management in the capital area and said that soon there will be no use of the generators and this would help reduce the pollution too. Poor people will be provided with two LED bulbs each so that they could save electricity and use power substantially. He also ensured pukka houses for the people living in the slum areas and said this task would be completed by 2022.

He indirectly targeted Kejriwal, by asking people to not waste their precious votes by giving them to “anarchists”. He further added that those who were instrumental in wasting a whole year in Delhi governance must be punished and people will do the justice. After AAP Government left power in February 2014, Capital has been under President’s rule. People are eagerly waiting for a stable government to resolve their issues, so let’s see who takes a winning mark in 2015.

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