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Rahul Gandhi will Fail Cocain Dop Test : Subramanya Swamy Claims!

Subramanya Swamy Targets Rahul Gandhi

Subramanya Swamy Targets Rahul Gandhi

Subramanya Swamy Targets Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi again became the target for Subramanya Swamy! In a shocking statement, Subramanya Swamy said Rahul Gandhi will fail the dop test. To be specific, Swamy said he is sure of the fact that Rahul Gandhi takes cocaine and if a dop test is done on Mr. Gandhi, he will certainly not pass it.

Recently Punjab’s Chief Minister Mr. Amrinder Singh has passed a new order which makes dope test mandatory for all Government officials including the Police department people. The test is to be conducted at every stage of their service starting from the recruitment stage. Though many have welcomed the decision, there was also a demand that politicians and elected personnel should also be included in this along with Government officials.

Earlier Harsimrat Badal, Hon’ble Union Minister was commenting that the person who said 70% of the Punjabis are ‘Nashedis’ was himself taking drugs. Subramanya Swamy who was reacting to this comment of Badal and went on to say “The person she (Harsimrat Badal) is thinking of is Rahul Gandhi. I congratulate her for her statement. She’s perfectly right that these people should be tested and Rahul Gandhi will fail the test because I know he takes a lot of narcotics, especially cocaine,”.

This has become a topic of hot debate in the media and press and finally, Swamy’s comment that Rahul Gandhi will fail the dope test is making big rounds and heated arguments, comments, and tweets are being made.

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