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60 Vs 60 conflict!! - Realbharat

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60 Vs 60 conflict!!

Modi Vs. Rahul

Maharashtra Assembly election is catching up heat. The election, which is scheduled in one phase is happening in 15th October, 2014. Maharashtrians are to elect 288 members for assembly seats. All political parties are busy campaigning for their candidates.

60 Vs 60

The national ruling party BJP and Congress are fighting it out to make it up. BJP got a sweeping majority in the national scenario and the ruling party, Congress was almost wiped out. Now it is again a fight between Congress and BJP.

Modi mania, which is hovering the country is being put to test again. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making all efforts to see that Bharatiya Janata Party makes it in the assembly poles also. For Congress, it is not going to be easy with their best efforts. Despite this, Congress made a big blunder by calling Narendra Modi as Opposition Leader. Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi, during his election campaigning on 8th October, addressed Modi as Opposition Leader. This came up during the 60:60 conflict issue. Congress had commented earlier that Narendra Modi has not achieved anything in 60 days of his ruling. Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi retorted to this, questioning what Congress did in 60 years. Rahul who attempted to take up this issue blurted out “An Opposition leader says nothing happened in the last 60 years. Their thinking is that…..” A person of Rahul Gandhi’s stature cannot afford to make such silly mistakes.

Who is the Opposition Leader?

This will certainly have its effect on the coming election and on the image of congress. The issue is being talked in every media and every newspaper. Will people of Maharashtra show their confidence in a party which has its Vice President calling the Prime Minister of the Country as Opposition Leader? Wait and watch!!

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