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Pakistan’s unprovoked firing – What would be Modi’s Reply?

J & K Firing

Yes, again there has been reports of Pakistan’s unprovoked firing. Pakistan has been constantly firing in the border areas without any provoking. Five persons, including a child, have died in the firing and buildings are damaged due to the firing. Many people are injured.

Is this justified?

Effect of Pakistan’s unprovoked firing

We have been giving messages to Pakistan to stop firing or we will take appropriate action. But what are we waiting for? This is the question coming up in every civilian’s mind. Many people are displaced from their living places. Those who are not able to move are living under threat. Jammu and Kashmir which were devastated by floods recently has not yet recovered completely. Now they are put into another calamity due to Pakistan’s inhuman shelling. The regions of R.S. Pura, Arnia, Pargwal and Kanachak areas are under indiscriminate shelling. Firing also continues during night and long range mortar shells are also used.

The bad news is that Pakistan troops are targeting civilian areas also apart from Defense posts. Civilians have also lost their lives which is the worst thing to happen. Till now 8 people have lost their life. It looks like an undeclared war. Most of the civilians have been evacuated either by authorities or they have moved towards safer places voluntarily. Pakistan has been attacking us in the borders constantly since 1st October.

Indians are looking up to PM for a solution

Indians are looking up to PM for a solution

All the Indian citizens are looking towards Modi for a solution to this problem. Surprisingly, no information about the course of action that Indian Government is going to take, is coming out. People are looking up to our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find a permanent solution to this problem.

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