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Flipkart – Big Billion Day or Big Flap Day?

Flipkart Big Billion Day

Flipkart announced 6th October 2014 as Big Billion day offering consumables at rock bottom prices. There were offers to be availed at Rs. 1/- This strategy was offered to Indian clients of Flipkart. The online giant also offered 10% extra discount to customer using credit cards of particular banks.

How many got Lucky?

How many got Lucky?

Online shoppers were waiting for the big day to grab consumables, commodities and gadgets. Lolz, the big day turned out to be a big flap. Those who could purchase before 10 had some chance of getting selection of items, but those who tried their luck after 10 am were in for a big surprise. The goods were either sold out or there was no stock available. This left lakhs of clients unhappy. Adding to the woes, the servers also gave up due to huge traffic coming up. There were also complaints that some items were priced higher than they were available at other sites.

However Flipkart claims it’s a big success with huge clearance of goods and hefty turnover. Taking notice of the huge number of complaints about Facebook and negative tweets, flipkart has come up with a statement towards damage control. It has assured online customers that they could not cater to all of them and such mistake will not reoccur in future. They have also announced that the next event would be better organized and has requested customers not to feel offended or lose faith in them.

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