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Top 5 places for sightseeing in Agra




Tajmahal, Agra

From my school days I was fascinated by the romantic tales that were woven with Tajmahal, the center of attraction in Agra. To me Tajmahal was the personification of eternal love and visiting Tajmahal was my lifetime ambition. I was lucky enough to see this monument of love without much waiting. On reaching Agra I had to wait for two days to visit this epitome of love. After reaching the entrance, all security checks, I stepped inside and stood like a statue for a few minutes. The beauty of Tajmahal is something that can only be experienced and not put into words. With each step towards Tajmahal I felt a different feeling and each look mesmerized me.

Agra, the Capital City of Mughal kingdom who rules during the period from 1556 to 1658 is situated in North India, close to New Delhi, on the banks of Yamuna River. It is a must see place for all those living in India and visiting India.

Sightseeing in Agra :

  1. Tajmahal : Situated on the Banks of Yamuna River, on a huge land amidst greenery. The garden depicts Persian designs and Tajmahal stands in all its grandness in the center. The carvings are exceptional and the designs are superb. The carvings were studded with semi precious stones which have disappeared with time. Though it has been decades since it was built, the glory still is fresh.
  2. Agra Fort : Agra Fort, situated on a 94 acre land is a must see place. It is an architectural wonder which has four gates. Only one gate is open to visitors and they can enter the fort through this gate called the Amar Singh Gate. The Fort portrays a mixture of Hindu and Muslim Architecture. The Jahangiri Mahal, Khas Mahal and the gardens are worth the pain you take in walking around to see them. The fort offers a spectacular view of Tajmahal, especially on Full moon day.
  3. Tomb of Akbar the Great : It is a combination of History and Architecture and the fact that Akbar himself initiated the construction of this Tomb makes it more interesting. The Tomb is situated in 119 acres of land in Sikandra, the building and pillars have fine inlay works.
  4. Fatehpur Sikhri : It was once the capital of Mughal Kingdom and the remnants of the buildings can still be seen. Situated at about 30 kms. from Agra, this is a place of historical importance.
  5. Akbar Tomb, the resting place of famous Mughal emperor Akbar, which is on the highway is worth visiting.
  6. Soor Sarovar : Is a water body with bird sanctuary. A good place to relax and refresh oneself.

There are many more places for sightseeing in agra,  Mankameshwar Temple, Keetham Jheel, Swami Bagh Samadhi, Guru Ka Tal and Jama Masjid which are worth visitng if you have sufficient time.

Travel Tips

Agra fort

Agra fort

Local Travel : You can visit all the places by hiring a taxi. There are also local site seeing trips which cover all the places in a day.

How to Reach : Agra is about 200 Kms. From Delhi By road and can be covered in about 4 hours. Agra and Delhi are well connected by Train also and it is about 3 hours Journey. Flights are available from Mumbai to Agra.

Best Time to Visit : March and October are the best time to visit with respect to weather. Agra will be very cold during December and very hot during May.

Accommodation :   Accommodations of all standard are available from five star to dormitories. You can select the one that suits your pocket.

Food specials : Agra peta is a famous sweet which is available in two varieties, wet and dry. Both are unique, delicious and healthy. All other north Indian food types, snacks and sweets are available. Food is available in street side small hotels, dhabas, and also there are star hotels catering to the need of customers.

What you can buy in Agra : Agra is famous for Agra Peta, Leather items like footwear, handbags and cloth. The thing you must not miss in Agra apart from Tajmahal is the shops which sell marble items. You will be left speechless at the beauty of these items. There are table tops, small chess boards, carom boards, idols Gods, Great personalities and so on. Table tops with carvings are amazing. They are available in all sizes and price range.

When you are making any purchase here, do not forget to bargain. You will get good discounts if you are an expert in bargaining.

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