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Valley of Kashmir – Heaven on Earth

Kashmir - Heaven on Earth

Where is Kashmir?: Kashmir – A northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent that brings you to the goodness of nature. It includes the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the Pakistani states of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Kashmir is a truly “Heaven on Earth” where you can see vast lakes, pristine streams, beautiful gardens, stunning landscapes and of course, friendly people.



The valley of Kashmir is said to be rich with history and culture. You can enjoy exquisitely spiced native cuisines and festive teas while walking off along rugged trekking routes to the north. Just imagine taking a ride in a modern water world like Srinigar where its twisting waterways, tree-lined Nagin Lake, and the Jhelum River make you feel like being in a paradise.

Exploring the paradise of Kashmir makes vacation complete while in India. You can ride renting wooden boats called shikaras for a daytime or twilight cruise if you want to tour by water and see the Beauty of Kashmir. On land, it is also exciting to stroll through the terraced hillsides of the 400-year-old Mughal Gardens, which are created by Emperor Jehangir for his wife. These are just some of the things to do while in the Valley of Kashmir, giving you a sense of fulfillment for an Indian vacation. Also, while enjoying the sceneries around the region, you can learn the culture and history of Kashmir along the tour.

Aside from marvelous paradise experience, you can take time having a spiritual moment to reflect at one of the many pilgrimage sites and religious shrines in the region. Kashmir Problem involving rights to take over the valley does not really affect the tourism rate of the place. Despite issues involving Pakistan and India just right after the 1947 war, Kashmir is still a Heaven on Earth which is most visited by travelers from around the world. It is bound by the beauty and really a fascinating place for vacation.

How to reach the Valley of Kashmir?

You can travel by air, rail, and road when you want to reach Kashmir. By air, there is a Srinagar airport which is approximately 14 km from the city. You can also ride by train with Jammu Tawi, approximately 305 km far, which is the nearest railhead for Srinagar. If you prefer riding on a car or bus, National Highway 1-A is the main highway connecting Srinagar with Jammu, helping you to reach Kashmir by road.

Best Places to Tour around Kashmir

Kashmir - Heaven on Earth

Kashmir – Heaven on Earth

Most travelers ranked Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden in Srinagar as number one attractions in the paradise of Kashmir, as the tulips are glowing around the garden and it is such a paradise for all nature lovers. But, if you really want to see this bloom in India, you need to plan your journey accordingly. Why? It is because the Tulip garden opens on April first week and closes by 30th April every year.

Next on the list is Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg. The breathtaking view gives tourists an amazing experience while at the peak. Apharwat Peak is really commendable and it’s just awesome to spend sight-seeing on the top of the mountain. It is ideal to visit the place during the winter where you can go skiing. Apharwat Peak is recognized as one of best slopes for skiing.

These are just two of the best places to visit in the valley of Kashmir and you can still explore hundreds of places around. You can extend your tour and discover great things in Anantnag, Pahalgam, Lamayuru, Hemis and more!

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