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Bhagat Singh – A fast Glimpse of a Great Personality

Bhagat singh

Bhagat singh

Bhagat Singh

It is a pity that we are forgetting our real heroes who fought for us, who sacrificed their lives for us and got us independence. With time their memories and sacrifices are getting faded. It is time we start recollecting them and their good deeds and pass it on to next generations who are worshipping the reel heroes. Here, we are providing a quick glimpse about one of the greatest heroes Bhagat Singh. As the world is running, nobody has time to stand and read. Understanding this, here are some quick recollection. Just read this and salute him, which he rightfully deserves.

  • Bhagat Singh was in a Punjabi Jat Sikh Family on 27th September 1907.
  • Since childhood, he was involved in a number of revolutionary activities.
  • He became a member of the Hindustan Republican Association and was the main person to change it to the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association in 1928.
  • Revolted against the British killing of Lala Lajpat Rai and was involved in the killing of John Saunders.
  • He and his associate Batukeshwar Dutt were brave enough to throw bombs inside the Central Legislative Assembly, without getting captured, but subsequently surrendered to the police.
  • He became known to everyone when he fasted for 116 days in the jail demanding equality for Indian and British Political prisoners.
  • He left his home to escape from being got married with his family. He was more interested in liberating India than getting married and enjoying his personal life.
  • During the time he was in Jail, all the charges against him in connection with the killing of Saunders were framed.
  • When he was in jail, he wrote elaborate dairy which gives us a chance to know what his thinkings were.
  • Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23rd March 1931, along with Raj Guru and Sukhdev.
  • They were buried behind the jail secretly.
  • There were nationwide protests and mournings against the hanging of three heroes of the nation.
  • But the loss was already incurred by mother India.

We lost three noble souls, three precious persons who were so concerned about the country.

It is time to salute them, mend our ways and contribute whatever we can for using the freedom they got us by sacrificing their lives. That is the best way of saluting them.


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