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Sunanda Pushkar was done to death?

Sunanda Pushkar

Sudden rise and fall!

Both life and death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Ex-Minister Shashi Tharoor, remains a mystery. The lady who had made headlines by marrying the minister in a grand wedding, had created a sensation. For the glam diva Sunanda, this was the third marriage and also for Shashi Tharoor. The marriage, which happened in 2010 got much hype from the media. There was a lot of fuss about the wedding venue and finally they got married according to Malayali Customs at the ancestral house of Tharoor.

Sunanda Pushkar who was an Indo Canadian by birth, was a professional and a business person. She also owned an Event management unit. Though she tried various jobs and businesses, she did not have a smooth sailing life. She had to struggle to repay loans of her deceased husband, had to struggle bringing up her son and supporting her parents and brothers. She came into limelight when she got associated with Shashi Tharoor, who was a Central Minister at that time.

Her marriage with Shashi Tharoor was fine till Tharoor met Tarar. The couple had differences over the issue which became public and subsequently they tried to show that everything was fine. The next day Sunanda was found dead in her Leela Palace room under mysterious circumstances.  Initially, it was portrayed as a suicide and the cause was shown as an overdose of sedative named Alprax. Curiosity shrouded the death as there were injury marks on the body. The question of why she was staying in Hotel also raised doubts. Added to all this, the CCTV footage was not available for verification. Autopsy reports inferred that the death was due to overdose of sedative and alcohol. Subsequently, the doctor who conducted the autopsy declared that he was pressurized to give a false report about the death of the lady.

Short life!

Short life!

While this is the history, the latest report claims that Sunanda died out of poison. This is very much opposed to the initial report. However, no information is available at this stage, as to what the poison was. With this latest report, the investigation is going to take a “U” turn. Does the changed scenario casts its effect on the ex-minister’s Political standing? Will the truth come out finally? Will justice prevail? One has to wait and watch.

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