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Assets that Landed Jayalalitha in Trouble!

Jayalalitha assets



Wealth or Trouble?

Wealth or Trouble?

Jayalalitha, the Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu landed in trouble because of assets! Yes, she was first accused of amassing huge wealth, which were not proportionate to her known source of income. Finally on 27th September 2014, a special Judge Michael John Cunha pronounced her guilty of the charges. Jayalalitha, who was still serving Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was convicted to 4 years imprisonment and was slapped a fine of whooping 100 crores.

All this trouble came up because of assets! Have a glance at her property details about the Assets that landed Jayalalitha in trouble!

  • Landed property – She is accused of having purchases 1000 acres of land at 2 places in Tamil Nadu.
  • Gold – She owns 28 kilograms of gold
  • Silver – 90 Kilograms of Silver
  • Costly sarees – She is the owner of 12000 sarees
  • Around 1000 pairs of slippers
  • Around 100 watches
  • She spent an astronomical 3 crores for the wedding of her foster son!

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Other small assets are not listed here. All this she acquired in a span of 5 years when she was in power. Her asset which was 3 crores grew manifolds to 67 crores in a span of 5 years. All the figures and information are as per records dating back 18 years. You can imagine her net worth as on date! All the assets which are earned thinking that one is acquiring happiness landed the owner in big trouble. With this Jayalalitha earned the credit of being the first Chief Minister to be convicted while in power.

The fine of 100 crores is nothing compared to the assets she has amassed. The judgment is an eye opener to all those who acquire wealth by illegal means.

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