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Modi Magic works in America also!!!

Make in India



Modification or Modi Magic?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to America. Yesterday night, that is on 28th September 2014 (local time) Modi addressed a gathering of about 20000 people at Maddison square. The response was overwhelming. Modi gave a call to the NRI’s to ‘Make in India’.

He gave the website address www.mygov.in where people can connect with Government. He also gave a call to join hands to build better India and realize the dream ‘Make in India’. He has given various positive offers for the NRI’s to invest in India and come back to India. Modi also announced that those having PIO card will get permanent Indian Visa. This will avoid them from visiting police station, which was received with great applause. The Hon’ble Prime Minister also opened up his plans for developing India like cleaning up Ganga, making toilets available to all and also his thoughts about clean India.

While there was applause for our Prime Minister at Maddison square, India also received applause at the Asian Games. Indians won 9 medals in all adding more feathers to be proud of. Looks like Modi Magic is working in America also.

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