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Is bail becoming elusive to our Politicians?

Indian Judiciary


Judiciary is above all

Judiciary is above all

Is bail becoming elusive to our Politicians? Looks like Yes is the answer.

The status has earlier been something like, those who have money could buy anything. They never had rules, no matter what they did. But the times have changed. From the recent few developments, Judiciary has proved that it is above power and money.

There are many examples like Janardhana Reddy, Kanimozi, A. Raja, Lalu Prasad Yadav and recently Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha case has made judiciary more respectable because the judgment was given against a ruling Chief Minister, convicting her.

Jayalalitha has been trying to bail since the date of judgment confined her to jail. Today being the last working day, which is followed by four consecutive holidays, Jayalalitha and her fans are eagerly awaiting the court proceedings. Fingers are crossed and the anxiety is building.

The common man is happy that the judiciary is climbing to the position where it really deserves to be in a democracy. Politicians or powerful people, but nobody is above the law. If this is conveyed properly, maybe we can hope for a better India, free from corruption and powerful people amassing wealth thought unlawful means.

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