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Vastu- Inviting Luck and Prosperity - Realbharat

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Vastu- Inviting Luck and Prosperity

Indian Vaastu

The ancient teachings in India as per Hindi Astrology suggest that if we combine architecture with Vastu techniques, we can harness positive energies into our lives.
One may just think, it is nothing but a fad but Vastu principles defining basic Vastu for home or Vastu for office is lately followed right from the planning stage so that buildings can have the attributes well planned early on. This fosters positive energies in the home and goes on to help us lead contented lives. Office Vastu is particularly favored for success in business.

Simplifying Vastu for Beginners

Indian VaastuIf one wants to learn astrology, one needs to have some idea about Vastu too. According to the science of Vastu, there are in total eight directions- the cardinal directions (east, west, north, south) and the intercardinal ones which is where the cardinals meet like north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west. Our shastras proclaim that every direction is governed by their Lords and if we are able to uphold what they stand for, we will gain health, success, and prosperity in life.

• East is the domain of Lord Indra who is the king of Gods. Therefore, to have your puja sthal or temples located in the east or at least facing east is advised. Moreover, the auspicious location of North-east should be where the place of worship should be stationed in the house. This is the dictate of pooja room vastu.

• The West signifies the abode of Lord Varuna. And since this direction is opposite to the devsthan, one should not begin new entrepreneurs facing west. However, Varuna implies Vayu and Lord Hanuman is the designated deity for it. So, for growth and instant success, northwest should be the chosen point of beginning.

• South is the territory of the Lord of death, Yama; hence homes with a south facing entrance is a strict no-no. Also, South-east is a place where resides the God of Fire- Agni. This is the most suitable spot for kitchens. People having bedrooms in this direction would develop hot-headedness. South-west is not considered good for auspicious events because it is ruled by demons.

• North is the place of Kubera, the deity of wealth. People are advised to have entrances to their houses facing north. This invites prosperity and blessings of the Lord.
The five elements crucial to understanding Vastu are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. It is essential to take into consideration how these elements interact with various directions to affect people according to their disposition.

Top five interesting Vastu tips for money luck are-

1. Closets having valuables and money should be either at the west wall facing east or in the south wall facing north.
2. Have a mirror reflecting the money box; it symbolically enhances your wealth.
3. Purple is the color to attract wealth; have a purple cloth on the shelf holding your riches.
4. Color your front door distinctively to focus on it. It attracts wealth inside your house.
5. If expenses tower on you; have real plants growing in your toilets. It will not let money escape your clutches.

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