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The Top 10 places to visit in Northeast India!

places to visit in India

I bet you have heard at least once in your life that ‘Northeast is not safe’, Interestingly I can also bet that you have heard the same amount of time that there are at least a thousand unique and marvelous places to visit in Northeast!!

Take it from me, a person who was born and bought up in Northeast India, I can write a full blog post (which I most certainly will!!) on how the places to see in Northeast is so much more than your reasons to not come to Northeast. And even when I am done with the blog I can still go on and on about how peaceful (read safe) this region is!! So In my attempt to clear the myths and make you fall in love with my Homeland as I have, here are the top 10 places which you CANNOT afford to miss If you truly love traveling and discovering new places!!

 The adventure seeker’s paradise!!

We know that the northeastern region of our country is hilly and mountainous in nature so guess what is the first thing you notice when you land here? The hills!! The Mountains!! And the beautiful valleys!! They are everywhere, every state in the northeast is at the least 30-40% covered in hills giving all you adventure seekers out there the largest playground to roll, jump, fly, swim, walk, run, trek and whatever it is that keep your adrenaline juices pumping!!

1. Dzukou Valley:dzukou

Dzukou Valley is the secret to the happiness of people in Nagaland, it’s a vast spread valley which looks like it’s carpeted in green! An absolute hit with trekkers and people who want to unwind. It’s considered a must on the to-do list of all beginning and old time trekkers!!

2. Yumthang Valley – Valley of flowers of North East India


Did you know that Sikkim has its own valley of flowers and its better known as the Yumthang valley. With hot springs, 24 species of blooming rhododendron, rivers flowing throughout the valley Yumthang bags one of the top spots of the best northeast tourist places every year! If you want to see the valley in its full bloom and glory then I suggest visiting the place in spring (April-May). “When nature unfolds colors we don’t usually see in our lives and types of flowers half of us can’t even imagine exist, that’s when you know you are in Yumthang!!”

3. Phawngpui peak : Blue Mountains

Located within the Phawngpui national park of Mizoram are the blue mountains of the northeast. The landscape of phawngpui peak is to die for, cliffs and curves and even an international country! Yes that’s right!!! You can gaze all way to Burma (Myanmar) once on top of the peak. The locals have interesting stories to share about the mountains and I am sure you will love taking them back home with you!!

 Northeast has always been portrayed as a mysterious land with half of the country not knowing that we exist!! And the other half always wondering how we manage our existence?! Well your thoughts are not the only mysteries that will be unfolded once you visit these amazing northeast tourist places!!


unakotiKoti in Bengali means a crore and Unakoti means one less than a crore, and for the people who would love to dig deep in Hindu mythology Unakoti means the best hidden gem of Tripura!! As the name suggest Unakoti is a unique destination which has ‘One less than a crore’ images of Gods and goddesses sculpted on the hill! This wonderful destination along with the whole of Tripura makes an intriguing episode in any traveler’s life!

5. Tsomgo lake:-


The temperature in Sikkim drops to such an extents that this lake freezes over winter, sometimes even till late march, when spring has begun for the rest of the country, people of Sikkim are still walking on frozen water!! Locally known as the Changu Lake and on the famous Gangtok nathula highway it is only 5 kms from the China border. The frozen lake melts and makes for the best picturesque scenery for travelers! While the winters are unbearable the road conditions is what decides whether you are lucky enough to be able to do one of the most unique things to do in the northeast or not.

6. Tawang


A rough past and an ongoing struggle doesn’t kill the spirits of the wonder town of Arunachal Pradesh!! Why is it the wonder town? Because the variety of sights to be found in Tawang is more than the sights to be found in the whole of Arunachal combined!! It has the world’s second biggest Monastery, The Tawang monastery. It has the Sela pass which often is said to be “dangerously beautiful” for its combination of untouched beauty and the temperature and communication being a major hindrance! Tawang has waterfalls, it has Rocky Mountains around picturesque lakes, it has more monasteries, and more lakes and more waterfalls!! You cannot help but thank god for this heavenly abode which is still untouched by the human race.

7. Cherrapunjee: Abode of clouds

CherrapunjeeCherrapunjee is just one of the natural wonders in the abode of clouds- Meghalaya. Once upon a time only know as the wettest place in the earth, Meghalaya has a lot of other famed natural wonders in its bag!! With Mawlynnong termed as the cleanest village in the whole of Asia!! And the river dawki with water so clear you can see your shadows in it, and the legendary living root bridges which question the existence of science and makes it one of the most exciting and best places to visit in the northeast!! If this does not make you plan your next vacation to Meghalaya I don’t know what will!!

8. Majuli : Biggest river island in the world

Majuli is a beautiful river island tucked away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Guwahati and preserved and nurtured by Brahmaputra with abundant love!! Majuli in Assam, is the biggest river island in the world! It’s unique and so are its people!! There simplicity and content lifestyle says a lot about the fact that if we truly have nature’s support we can lead fulfilled lives without needing the world to be happy!!

9. Loktak lake


Loktak lake in Manipur is a guaranteed attractions for the people interested in unique naturals phenomenon’s and those not into it equally! The Loktak Lake is the only lake in the world which has floating phumdi’s which are masses of soil and vegetation at various stages of decomposition. These circular floating phumdis have animals on them, houses and even a national park on the largest one which makes Keibul Lamjao National Park the only floating national park in the world! The view is spectacular and you can easily be entertained and educated at the same time with the breathtaking scene!!

10. Kaziranga National park : Home of the one horned Rhino


Kaziranga national park Assam is probably one of the places in the northeast which don’t need a formal introduction! Home to the one horned Rhino and famous for sighting other wild animals like tigers, elephants, wild water buffalo’s, and swamp deer! Bird watchers are equally thrilled by Kaziranga and it has become a go-to place for all the lovers of nature and serenity the same!!

But don’t you just read this and believe me!!! Go see for yourself!! If these top 10 places to visit in northeast haven’t gotten you excited and planning for a trip I don’t know what else will!! Go and explore because that’s what we travelers do, we pack our bags and we leave and that’s how you learn about half of the world!! Maybe you can add to list once you have completely lost yourself in the charm of northeast!!

Note: All images are taken from google.

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