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Packing Indian Food for Travel – 7 Healthy Snacks to Eat While on the Road

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Going on a road trip is something a lot of people look forward to. Whether enjoyed with family or friends or simply cruising by yourself, road trips can be a great source of fun, excitement and sometimes, introspection.

And for the travel-foodie, it’s also a great excuse to try out new dining experiences as well as to indulge in some yummy and healthy travel snacks from winning food products suppliers along the way.

Fuel up by Packing Indian Food for Travel!

Driving for long hours can take its toll on your mind and body. It is imperative that when you feel tired and sleepy, you must take a break and opt for pit stops. When hunger strikes while driving, it’s best to satiate your taste buds so you will not be distracted a grumbling stomach.

If you’re traveling with buddies, then you’re in luck as you can take turns driving while the rest can eat. If you’re alone, then take a pit stop to eat. As revealed by roadside safety experts, eating, drinking, talking on the phone, texting and other similar activities that remove your hands from the wheel and your eyes on the road can be distracting and can cause accidents. In 2016 alone,12 percent of crashes in India was caused by driver fatigue.

Travel-Friendly Snacks

To avoid being hungry and feeling sleepy on the road in and around India, here are some healthy Indian snacks you should stock up on:

1. Pre-packed Veggies

Packed Veggies Ready to Eat

Packed Veggies Ready to Eat

Get a dose of your healthy vitamins from fresh veggies that you’ve packed yourself. Thoroughly wash raw vegetables before cutting them up into bite-size pieces and storing them in resealable bags. Fun travel snacks to consider include:

  • baby carrots
  • celery sticks
  • cherry tomatoes
  • broccoli florets

Whatever you choose,  make sure you store them in an insulated cooler to seal their freshness and all the nutrients they contain.

2. Snack-size Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits can be Energy Boosters

Dry Fruits can be Energy Boosters

When you have your veggies, you’d also feel good having bite-size pieces of your favorite fruits. Opt for dried and vacuum-packed ones if you can, for ease of handling.

Some of the popular dry Indian snacks for travel are:

  • Raisins
  • Figs
  • Apricots
  • Prunes
  • Dates

These dried fruits can be delicious additions to your healthy travel snacks and can give you a natural energy boost instead of sugar-laden treats that are high in calories but very low in nutrition. You can also make your own banana and apple chips for organic, healthy and yummy travel-friendly snacks.

3. Biscuit, Brownies, Cookies, and Muffins

Biscuits and Cookies - All time Favorite

Biscuits and Cookies – All-time Favorite

If you’re looking for more substantial fare without the messy drips, you can go for healthy biscuits, cookies or muffins. These baked items usually have a longer shelf life and do not spoil easily so make for good road trip goodies.

You can also bake them yourself and store them in a sealed container. If you don’t want to don the chef’s hat, then feel free to choose from organic or sustainably produced food items available. Some of these delectable cookies and brownies are individually wrapped as well so they are convenient to tote around and easy to eat.

Thepla - Staple Food Fit for Travels

Thepla – Staple Food Fit for Travels

4. Good old Indian Snacks

There’s nothing as comforting as the taste of home. When on a road trip, you can also bring along a slice of home through traditional Indian snacks like:

  • Roasted makhanas
  • Mathi
  • Thepla
  • Aloo papad
  • Methikhakra
  • Papdi
  • Fafda

They are all classic favorites and never fail to bring along good feelings. At the same time, these Indian snacks for traveling can be easily stacked and packed and as such, are great for curbing your craving for a sweet or fatty unhealthy snack.

5. Power Nuts and Trail Mix

Trail Mix can replace Breakfast

Trail Mix can replace Breakfast

This could be one of the easiest snacks to put together before you leave home. Just get a handful of different nuts from your pantry – pumpkin, sunflower, watermelon, almonds, walnuts. You can eat them as they are or mix them with raisins and some candy-coated chocolates to come up with a delectable trail mix.

Put them all in one resealable bag or container and you have a tasty, nutty, crunchy concoction that can give you a boost of energy.

6. Popcorn

While you sit back and enjoy the scenery, why not munch on some healthy popcorn snacks? There are a number of healthy popcorn options out there in small, single-serve bags that are perfect for light nibbles while on the road.

7. Granola Bars

Granola Bars - Energy Boosters

Granola Bars – Energy Boosters

A popular option, especially for adventurers, are granola bars. They are healthy, easy to eat, and convenient to pack snack options.

There are so many variants of the good old granola bar – from diabetic-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options (and many more) – so just take your pick and get what is best suited to your taste or dietary considerations.

*Bonus Tip – Hydrate!

This is one of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget when traveling. Make sure to pack a few bottles of clean water as it is crucial that you keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water and other healthy fruit juices during road trips will:

  • Help keep your body temperature regulated
  • Keep your blood flowing
  • Give you an energy boost
  • Prevent exhaustion, muscle cramps, dizziness, and even heat stroke if you’re traveling through hot and humid climates.

Enjoying a Safe and Fun Indian Escapade

India is a vast place to travel in and it pays well if you do your homework and plans thoroughly. Contrary to popular belief that road trips are spontaneous getaways where you just pack the bare necessities, rev up and go, it would be wiser to at least have a game plan before embarking on an Indian road trip.

Despite the reputation that Indian roads can be quite tricky to navigate – with vehicles counterflowing, cutting lanes, overtaking on bends, or using blinding high beams – it is still delightful to be able to cruise along small country roads and quaint villages. You might need superhuman reflexes to navigate the city traffic but once you’ve planned your route well and are aware of on-road realities, you can enjoy the true beauty of India.

If you’re a fan of taking the road less traveled, just be sure that you take the necessary preparations. As a general rule for those who are not familiar with the roads yet, avoid nighttime excursions to err on the side of safety.

Other important tips to take note of are:

  • Make sure that your car is in tip-top shape
  • Have complete first aid and emergency kits
  • Have your navigation system plotted and active. Also, have a handy printed map just in case signals go berserk
  • Make sure you have a steady supply of healthy food and beverages to keep you awake, active, and energized for the long drive ahead

Some Final Words

You will want to get the best experience possible while embarking on a road trip. To do so, you have to put in a bit of effort and make well-thought-out preparations for the long journey ahead. You can enjoy your trip better by packing Indian food for travel which is healthy and energetic.

When everything is in place – plan, people, food, and cargo – all you need to do is keep an open mind and a positive disposition to enjoy a smooth, safe and relaxing drive.

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