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Purulia Tourism beckons Nature Lovers


Devoid of the madding population, Purulia is a place, which is much known for its serenity and inherent natural beauty. The place is full of lush green landscape, rampant hills and impenetrable forests making it one of the most prolific tourist destinations in India. Such admirable qualities not only increase the overall beauty of the city, but also provide a rustic ambiance and peaceful surrounding to the local population. As far as the city dwellers are concerned, they are more than happy to live in such a place.


Purulia is the westernmost district of the state of West Bengal, which is connected to the rocky and undulating parts of the Chhota Nagpur plateau. Purulia Tourism mainly centers on the hills and forests, which are competent enough to unravel the untapped mystery and wondrous beauty of the city. The city is famous for its rich archeological inheritance- such as the ancient monuments and temples. It is home to many different tribal communities. To name a few- Santhals, Kurmis, Kherias-Sabars are some of the tribal communities, which have been living here for centuries.

Tribes and Population in Purulia

The population of Purulia mainly consists of people belonging to scheduled tribes and castes. The population of the city nearly counts one million, with santhals as the largest tribal group in the city. There are fourteen other important tribal groups living in the city, apart from the Santhals. Naming a few of them would include- Kurmi, Munda, and Ho etc. Almost all the tribes have been able to retain their traditions and continue to practice their traditional rituals and rites.

Purulia Tourism at a glance

In order to experience the gravitating and alluring beauty of this place, thousands of people from all over the country pour into the city, every year. In addition to its own scenic beauty, there are other attractions and activities in and around the city, which make Purulia tourism more compelling.

  • Ayodhya – This place is 700 m high and is one of the most famous destinations for adventure sports such as trekking and mountain climbing.
  • Garh Panchkot– It is a place in Purulia, which is famous for the two temples, which are situated in its western and eastern parts of the city respectively. Garh is almost 2100 m above the sea level and is surrounded by the Panchkot hill, which is situated in the northern parts of Purulia.
  • Rekh Deul– This place is famous for the temples, which were built by the Jains in the ninth century. The remains of the civilizations, which had once existed in this place, still exist in the native parts of the city. In fact, these Rekh style temples are made of stones and bricks.
  • Deulghata– The temples and scripture, which were built during the reign of the Pal and the Sen still, exist in Deulghata. However, one may hardly find them intact to each other. Along the bank of Kansabati River, stand two big temples of burnt brick. The old and heritage scriptures of goddess Durga and Kali are still on the walls of the temples.

When to visit Purulia

With so many destinations to call on, Purulia can be visited during any time of the year. However, it is recommended to visit Purulia between August and October, as the festive season is on and the place is full of life during this period.

Quarters in Purulia West Bengal

Purulia is very well equipped with lodging facilities. There are numerous hotels and government bungalows providing basic modern facilities such as modern bathrooms, intimate bedrooms and open terraces. These hotels will provide you the experience of home stay and will take care of all your needs at the drop of a hat. As a complimentary gesture they may arrange transport and guides for local sightseeing.

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