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Ayodhya Hill – A Must See Place for Nature Lovers

Ayodhya Hill

Ayodhya Hill also called as Ajodhya Hill, is one of the major tourist destinations in West Bengal. Ayodhya highland is situated in Purulia district and it is adjoining the Dalma Hills of Jharkhand. This mountain range runs over a circumference of twenty-two kilometers and is certainly one of the biggest mountain ranges in the country. Ayodhya Hills is different from Ayodhya, which is in Uttar Pradesh.

Ayodhya Hill

People from all around the country pour into the city throughout the year to visit this beautiful place. The place is popular due to its scenic beauty and alluring environment. Anybody who had once visited this beautiful place is mesmerized by its charm and delicacy. In addition to such compelling features, the very existence of the wild animals makes this place even more adventurous. The local authorities organize various adventure activities and exercises for the tourists to make their visit worth it.

Attractive destinations to visit around Ayodhya Hill

The highest of the peak of the Ayodhya named Gorshabru is situated at the heart of the city. Gorshabru is situated at an enormous height of thirty thousand feet. Hundreds of mountain climbers from all over the world, come to the city to unleash the challenges involved in climbing this mountain peak.

There are many deep forests running around the boundary of the city. These forests also add to the beauty of this place and help in a big way to increase tourism in the Ayodhya Pahar region. Numerous waterfalls are located amidst the hills and run through the city in a zig-zag manner. Last but not the least, the villagers of this wonderful place are the best things since sliced bread. They are so humble and polite that you just cannot stop talking to them. These villagers reside in many villages that are situated on the hill.

For those people who are here just to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ayodhya, hills must make a trip to the Mayur hill. From this mountain range, you can get a spectacular view of the Hills without making any real efforts. The view of the hill from this place will provide you the same scenic view as it has been portrayed on a canvas.

The choice is up to you- whether you want to captivate your senses by visiting the Gorshabru and the large cataract or unleash the exquisiteness of the Mayur hills. However, a little extension to your holiday would let you kill two birds with one eye, definitely, if you are planning to visit either one of them, you are still running on the right errand.

Ayodhya Hill

Ayodhya Hill

Transportation Facilities Available

Despite being such a wonderful place to visit, Ayodhya is still lagging behind other states to provide suitable transport facilities. That being said, good rail transport facilities are still available for easy to-and-fro transportation of the people. The Lalmati express and the Howrah Chakradhar express are the two major trains which connect the local train station (Barabhum) to Howrah. Being on the boundary of district Purulia and Jharkhand, the only well-developed city Ayodhya is closest to is Kolkata. It would take no more than six hours to reach Ayodhya from Kolkata via Durgapur expressway, which is the only connecting road.

Best time to visit

Anytime between September to March would be the best for those who seek the chilly wind and clear skies. However, the monsoon season is the best time to visit as the place will be covered with lush green grass and dark clouds.


The West Bengal Area Development Association runs a series of guest house and Dharamshalas to accommodate the tourists. In addition to this, many private tourist lodges are available, which are equipped enough to provide basic modern facilities.

Why not choose this wonderful place for the coming holidays? Pack your bags, set out and it is all fun!

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