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My Date with Bangalore Food

bangalore food


This is my first blog and it comes straight from my heart for the love of this city named “BANGALORE” or “BENGALURU” (as known these days) and for sure the food of Bangalore, as in here its all and only about  Bangalore FOOD. 

No! No! No! we are not gonna talk about the Karnataka cuisine here as we all know about it or else we have the faintest of ideas about it. This blog here is about the life, the lifestyle, the people and their relation with the food here in Bangalore and unity in diversity observed in respect of people and Bangalore food. 

All this is coming from my 37 months of experience in this lovely city, that has been a home to earn my daily bread & butter (can’t resist, being a Chef). I must say this city has it all, from being “The Cyber City” of India, to the one with its values and culture.

Bangalore food3

When I say that the food of a city depends upon the weather and the people of that city, somebody didn’t remind me that, I was bang on saying that. The reason I said this was that I felt that the food here in Bangalore is as pleasant and soothing as the weather here (though on its way to a change in the past few years) and the simplicity of its ingredients and cooking, is same as the people here. Be it the Dosa, Set Dosa, Kara Baath, Vangi Baath, Bisi bele Baath, rava idli, pongal etc. they are as simple in terms of their ingredients as their preparations. Bangalore food

The above described food is the food related to the Bangalore with its old values and culture intact. Now let’s talk about the “Cyber city India”. Being the cyber city, Bangalore today has diverse sets of culture running in its veins. With people from all over India, in fact, all over the world coming to Bangalore, the diversity can be experienced in its Food as well, with variations that can turn your brain around. With diverse people in the city, at one corner you can find a Udupi food joint and the very next is a pure North Indian one. Moving a little forward will take you to the Biryani stalls in Shivajinagar, and little more towards the city will bring you to specialty seafood restaurants. At one end there are Chinese stalls and at the other you find a Arabic Shawarma joint.With quite a few number of foreigners also patronizing the city you can see new age specialty restaurants and Five star hotel chains sharpening their art of new age Continental and other western food preparations. This is how diverse it has gotten here.Bangalore food4

With this I’ll bid adieu, from my first blog here, sharing what “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” this city has given to me.

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