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Modi Magic works in Jharkhand and J & K Elections?

J & K Elections

J&K Election

With the last phase of polling getting over in Jammur and Kashmir and Jharkhan, it is time to make speculations about the winner. Results are being assessed by different agencies on recently concluded Jharkhand and J & K Elections.

Jammu and Kashmir polled record percentage of voting at 65%. Despite the recent disturbances in the state like floods and terrorist attacks, J & K people went out to cast their vote in huge numbers. This is the highest voting in the past 25 years. With such a huge percentage of voting in J & K, there are hopes that the existing trend may change. All the parties are expecting an upward swing to come up in their favour. While established parties are confident of getting majority seats, smaller parties are hoping that they can play the king makers by giving support to the parties, if none gets simple majority.

Waiting is almost over

Different organizations have conducted surveys and given the summary. This survey is giving a fantastic win for Bharatiya Janata Party in Jharkhand. But the results in J & K may not be very favourable for BJP. In Jharkhand BJP may get a clear majority and would be able to make the Government. In Jammu & Kashmir, no party is going to get a majority, according to the survey results. Either BJP or PDP will be the largest party, yet both will not get a majority. PDP lead by Mehabooba Mufti is on the gaining side with no party getting an absolute majority to form the Government.

With two days left for counting, BJP is making plans to form a Government at both Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir. PDP is also making plans to form Government in J & K. Just some wait for parties and people of the nation. Counting is slated for 23rd December and the results will be out by afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.

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