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Kassar – A Dish for Reverence


Kassar is a unique part of each ritual ceremony in the northern part of India. Especially in Haryana, when it comes to celebrating any religious ceremony, the presence of Kassar makes it prominent. Usually distributed after the worship this light sweet dish carries value loaded significance in the mind of genuine Haryanvi people.

Kassar, also known by the name of Panchamrit or Satyanarayana Prasad, is generally prepared on Guru Purnima or prior to Satyanarayana Khatha. It is a traditional Prasad dish prepared by ladies prior to the ‘pooja ceremony’ at their home. Females are very expert and easy in quickly making this food item.

kassarTraditionally Kassar was also distributed prior to the marriage function in rural areas during the ladies sangeet, geet gaan, at the arrival of ‘bhaatees’ (Maternal uncle of bride/groom) in the marriage home. Although some ready-made sweets have occupied the place of Kassar, still traditional has its own value and sentiments attached which can seldom be ignored.

It is a dry, powdered form, light sweet eatable which symbolize the culture, tradition, and values of Haryanvi culture embedded in when served at the special occasion. It is considered as a symbol of good luck and good fortune by both- the giver and the taker.

It will just take a while to learn the making of Prasad at your home with some convenient and easy steps-
Main Ingredients required

To prepare Kassar, get ready with these basic ingredients first-

  1. Whole wheat flour (‘atta’)
  2. Pure Desi GheeGhee
  3. Crushed form of jaggery
  4. Crushed/ semi chopped almonds or nuts
  5. Sugar in the powdered form

Process for preparing desi dish kassar:

Now let’s learn how to make it, with a few easy steps-

• Get the crushed jaggery dissolved in water and allow it to boil until it converts into syrup type
• Let this syrup to get cool.
• Take the wheat flour in a ‘kadhai’ or a pan and heat it up on a very slow flame and also keep
stirring continuously until it changed into golden brown color form.
• Now, add the hot jaggery syrup in this baked wheat flour and mix it evenly.

dishes of haryana

• Then add all crushed almonds and nuts in the mixture.
• Get the Desi ghee melted in a pan and mix it clearly in the mixture.
• Add crushed sugar power as per the desire of sweetness.

Here is your Kassar ready.

Usually, people made the first offering of Kassar to the God as a matter of gratitude then it is ready to be distributed among others. People’s gracefully accept this ‘prasad’ in the form of God’s blessing.

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