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Get the Most Out of Ladakh and Shimla Trips with Meticulous Planning

Biking Leh

It is difficult to manage a long enough leave from work to go for a worthwhile trip, isn’t it? We’re all tired of going to the nearby beach or picnic spot over the weekend and pretending that it was the break we were looking forward to. Hard working adults deserve a real break, a week or so away from everything, into the most beautiful places like a trip to Leh-Ladakh or at Shimla Hill Station.

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If you can only picture hill stations when you hear “beautiful places”, you are not alone. Most Indians love hill stations. That’s no surprise given the beautiful hill stations we have in the Himachal, in Kashmir, and in the South too. They are all unique landscapes, each place is more beautiful than the previous. You deserve to go to all these places.

 Plan Perfectly for Effective Timing

The timing is everything. If you take an extra day in getting to a certain place, or 3 days instead of 2 in the local sightseeing, you miss out on the total number of places you can see or the amount of time you get to sit back and relax.

A trip to Leh-Ladakh, for example, requires the resting time it recommends. You cannot rush your trip through a totally different atmospheric and climatic region. You will have to spend 48 hours in Leh for acclimatization and you cannot use this time for any aggressive trekking or moving around.

Take help from Tour Packages

You will have to plan the rest of the trip according to what suits the most time-saving schedule. You will need to check out the tour packages available for the season to find out which spots you can group together to cover in a single day, whether or not you go by the tour packages entirely, or customize it, that is your choice.

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You don’t have to hire a travel partner if you just check out their tour packages. You can of course if you want them to plan the trip for you and let you know about the things to do in Leh. But if you want to go solo, or with friends or family, without being restricted by a schedule someone else made for you, you can at least take the help of the tour package plans to chalk out a plan of your own.

Don’t miss out

Your tour plan should be practical so that you can actually follow it yourself. You cannot have an impossible plan made, ignoring daylight time concerns, transport availability, or acclimatization time. You will need to make a real plan so that you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful tourist spots to visit. Also, do not forget to make a check-list of things to carry for Leh Road trip or any other road trip so that you can save time in buying essentials. A trip to Leh-Ladakh isn’t something you get to go on every now and then unless of course, you are a creative freelancer with all the time and money to feed your wanderlust. People with regular jobs get only one chance in years for a big trip. Make it count.

Be it the Pangong Lake, the Leh to Nubra Valley, or the Khardung La, don’t miss any pass, any lake, any river, any monastery to visit. You will want to go back for a second Ladakh trip to visit the same places again and the places you did not have on your itinerary for the first trip. Ladakh and Leh are places you can never have enough of.

Shimla Manali Trip

You go to Ladakh and Leh from Manali or from Srinagar. You can start from other cities too if you are on your own bike. But these are the usual stops. You might want to stop at Manali itself for a day or two before going out for your Ladakh trip if you have the time to do it. If not, of course, there is always the next time.

shimla manali trip

Now, for this next time, you need a well thought out plan. Yes, it is no Ladakh trip, you can customize on the go. You can go wherever you want and whenever you want. There is nothing to get acclimatized to, no mandatory halts. But, if you have a tour package in front of you, you will know the average prices of the hotels, and the average time required to go from one place to another. So, pick up a catalog about Shimla Manali tour package with price and compare the various options. You will get to know the places you can go to for sightseeing as well.

Explore More

You want your trip to be unique. You want to come back with something that you didn’t already know about. You might have been to Shimla and Manali numerous times with your parents. But your own unconventional thinking will take you to the places you haven’t been and the places you have been familiar with as a child. Do not depend solely on the tour packages. There are some hidden spots in Shimla that don’t make it to the travel plans of many professional tour planners, or even to many travel magazines. The best way to find out is to check Google Maps and ask friends who have been to these places.

Organize well

Since you cannot cover everything on a single trip, and you never know when the second trip will come around, you need to prioritize. Check out the pictures of every spot and find out what activities you can do there. Make a list of the activities in all the places you are interested in. Then group together the spots that offer similar things so that going to just one of them will be enough for the first time. Lastly, select the places according to the map so that you can actually cover them on one single trip.

With proper planning, you can cover maximum spots in the shortest possible time, without having to just browse through all the spots with merely 20 minutes allotted to each spot. You get to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating time at the hotel too. And you get all that at the best prices. Do an extensive search and make the most convenient Leh India travel plan or travel plan from Shimla to Ladakh or of any other place of your choice.

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