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CAG needles point Land Scams towards Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra

Happy Days over?

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India, which is the external auditor of Government-owned corporations and supervises further audits of government companies, made a fresh statement in the case of Robert Vadra’s controversial deal with DLF in 2008.

Skylight Hospitality, owned by Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, sold 3.5 acres of land in Manesar region of Gurgaon to DLF for Rs. 58 crore. Although the land had cost Vadra only 15 crores, his company had managed to gain certain permissions from the then ruling government to sell the land to DLF. Ashok Khemka had said that the deal was illegal when he had scrapped it and went on to probe into all deals involving Vadra since 2005. However, the Hooda government cleared Vadra’s name and in turn punished Khemka for his actions.

The CAG in its latest statement said that the possibility of the government having aided Robert Vadra in his illegal land deal could not be undermined or ignored. Even the contrast made by the government in giving Vadra the permissions he sought has been questioned by the CAG. The Hooda led government had indeed given the permissions to Vadra quite easily, and the possibility of foul play looks as certain as it is lucrative.

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