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Very Easy Steps to Prepare Bathua (Chenopodium album) Bhurji

bathua bhurji

Indian food is very famous all over the world as it includes a lot of diversity.

Like Bathua Raita, Bathua Sag or Bathua Bhurji is also a famous recipe of northern Indians. Though Bathua is a weed, it is widely used as a green leafy vegetable. It contains iron, vitamin A and a large number of minerals. It is a very good anti-oxidant and being green leafy vegetable, it aids in digestion also. 

With the addition of deliciousness to food, it helps in the digestion of our food as well. It is a special type of winter season’s leafy vegetable. It keeps our body warm. We can make kadhi, Bathua puri, sabji, saag, raita and Bhurji from it. Today we will prepare Bathua Bhurji.

Health Benefits

Bathua is a very good anti-oxidant. This being a green, leafy vegetable, contains lot of fibre which is good for digestion. Having a very low calorie, it is the favorite of people trying to loose weight. Bathua also has the ability to rejuvenate and repair cells in the body as it contains amino acids. With all these good qualities, bathua should be part of our diet very often.

Details for Bathua Bhurji :

Veg/ Non-veg: Veg
Boiling time: 7-8 minutes
Preparation time: 2-5 minutes
Cooking time: 4-6 minutes
Serve: 2 people
Level of cooking: Easy

Nutrition information:
Calories: 410
Carbohydrates: 26
Proteins: 26.5
Fat: 22

Ingredients for Preparing Bathua Bhurji:

. bathua

  1. 200 gm Bathua leaves
  2.  2 tablespoon vegetable oil
  3. 1/2 teaspoon of red chili powder, turmeric powder
  4. The Paste of green Chili, ginger, and garlic (3 tablespoons)
  5. The paste of one tomato and one onion
  6. salt (per taste)
  7. 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
  8. Fresh coriander leaves

Procedure for Preparing Bathua Bhurji:

bathua bhurji 1

  1. Remove the leaves from the stalk of the plant. Wash the leaves 2-3 times with water. Chop the leaves and for ease chop them with the chopper. No need to do very small pieces.
  2. Add ¼ cup of water to leaves and boil the leaves (It will take maximum 7-8 minutes in pressure cooker.) Cool it.
  3. Squeeze out all the excess water with hands and smash it.
  4. Mix a small teaspoon of salt to it and smash it again so that while you fry the other ingredients it can soak a little salt.
  5. Take 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and heat it in a non-sticky fry pan or a thick bottomed stainless steel vessel.
  6. Add a small teaspoon of cumin seeds to it and fry it till it becomes dark brown. Then add the paste of chili and the paste of tomato and onion to it. Cook it on medium flame till next 2-3 minutes.
  7. Add the smashed Bathua and sprinkle turmeric and chili powder over it. Take a spatula and mix the content thoroughly.
  8. Cook it on a medium flame for 4-5 minutes. After removing the lid sprinkle the coriander leaves and again cover the lid.

Bathua Bhurji is ready. Serve it as a side dish with roti, paratha, and anything you please.

Do not do this:

1. squeeze the boiled Bathua properly.
2. Do not add more water while boiling because leaves have a large amount of water in itself.


  1. Do not throw the excess water, it can be used in doughing. It will add more nutritious contents to your food plus it will give a new taste and definitely good one.
  2. Use the excess water as a soup. Add black salt and lemon juice to it.
  3. Bathua leaves can also be used along with spinach and mustard leaves to enhance their flavor.
  4. If there is a shortage of time use grinder to smash the leaves.

Please spare some time and let us know how was the recipe if you have tried it so that we can improve more!

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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