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Top 5 cities for a Food lover in India!

Hyderabad food

Chiefly known for its lavish cultures and good taste, India is just out-of-sight when it comes to its foodstuffs. Local cuisines/ food  in India is an prodigious appetizing adventure for every food junkie! Here are five marvelous food destinations /  cities for a Food lover in India that you would even give up the ghost!

I: Ahmedabad:

Try out Gujarati delicacies in Ahmedabad which is super-duper and the one you must not miss!

food ahmedabad


Dhokla is a yellow cheesecake akin; enticing squares of Gram flour. It is customarily provided alongside cloying and sourish Chutneys. Although, Dhokla is a Gujarati meal you will see it in every corner of India and is a ‘do-not-miss’ dish

Fafda is yet another dish inclusive of Gram flour and Turmeric with Chutney, uniquely groomed with Yogurt. But, if you’re in a mood of tea time refreshments then, Khandvi is a delicious choice. Hint of a sweet aroma, Khandvi is a yellow shaded rolls made of Gram flour and Yogurt. With christened black mustard seeds, the Khandvi will woo you with its bona fide taste!

II: Amritsar:

Numerous roadway shops and lanes in Amritsar offer a good deal of aura with its Amazing foods.

If you’re planning to travel to Amritsar then Amritsari Kulcha is a ‘must-add’ to your list. The oddly  crusty Roti is habitually served alongside Chickpeas.

Amritsar food


Chicken Tikkas is far-out Chicken meal. This dish is authentically original where the Chicken is laminated with eggs and grilled inside a Tandoor.

Lassi is the crowd-pleasing drink in Punjab. Prepared by yogurt blended with sugar, saffron and Malai (cream). It is just awesome on a hot day, both healthwise and tastewise.

Other than these famous bonne bouche, Fish Fry, Paneer Bhurjhi and Puri Chole served alongside Pickles with dollops of Desi Ghee are to be tasted when in Amritsar

III: Lucknow:

Lucknow food


Homeland of Awadhs and Nawabs, Lucknow is a royal food divine abode! From Galawati Kebab prepped by the mixture of flattened out meat and juvenile papaya, Boti Kebab a luscious munchies in which the delicate fragments of meat is toasted or Tunday Kebab to which 100 exclusie spices are added to make it a royal delight; Kebab that precisely diffuse in your mouth to the palatial Lucknowi Biryani is star quality you cannot abstain from. There’s also melodious Malai ki Gilori for toothsome sweet devotee.

IV: Hyderabad:

Hyderabad food


Are you fed up of that boring, non-spicy daal? Then, here’s Royal Hyderabadi Cuisine that you ought to try out! Mirchi ka Salan is a perfect dish for you when you’re feeling down, the coconut mix gives an energising essence. You can enjoy a distinct feast Keema Samosa and feel the pinch and have in hands just now!

Whenever, we duologue about Biryanis;  Hyderabadi Biryani pops up in our mind right off the bat. Warmed up with Mutton or Chicken, interlaced with sumptuous spice constituents, the recipe is a stairwell to eternal home.

V: Jaipur:

jaipur foodThe pink city holds out a great deal of Rajasthan cuisine. Daal Bhati and Churma is the first off dish that kicks in your mind while exploring Rajasthan. The daal is a lentil curry sauce; Bhati, balls of stuffed flour is cooked through the grilled and Churma is a candied dessert made by sugar, flour and glop of Desi Ghee. Spicy Laal Maas for non vegetarian wooers.

With the exception of these popular dishes; Sizzling on fire Pyaaz ki Kachori accompanied with tea could be a good bite to eat. Ghewar is a deep browned sweet dish, it could be taken either plain or with Mawa. At last for a sweet course Ghewar is a perfect treat! Bon Appetite!

My sincere advice is not to miss these dishes when you are in the respective cities!

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