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The Big Banian Tree of Bangalore

Big Banian Tree, Bangalore

How big do you think any tree can grow? How long can a tree keep growing? If I tell you there is a tree which is more than 400 years old and is still growing it is difficult to believe right? But this is true. This Big Banian tree is above 400 years old and is still growing. It has spread across an area of 3 acres and still continuing. Though it looks like different trees, the entire tree has one original tree, which got destroyed due to natural disease about 15 years back.

big banian tree

This tree is near Kengeri, Bangalore. The place is called Ramohalli. You can reach this place by taking a deviation on Bangalore-Mysore Highway after Kengeri. The drive, after taking the deviation is peaceful with plenty of greenery. The tree is located adjacent to main road.

It is a feast to eyes and one will be wonder struck at the way nature has crafted this tree. The area where the banian tree has spread has been fenced and it can be observed that the tree has now gone beyond fencing. The tree is being maintained well and prop roots are being provided enough protection to anchor and grow.

big banian tree

In India, Banian tree has a special place and it is worshiped by people. This tree is said to have medicinal properties and is said to cure many diseases including infertility problems. It is also the National tree of India. This tree is seen in every temple and is largely worshiped. The air coming out of the roots of this tree during early morning hours is said to cure many health problems.

Banian trees are known to develop adventitious prop roots which itself becomes tree when it comes in contact with soil. But this tree is special because of its enormity. This place worth a visit when you are in Bangalore.

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