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Shilparamam Park – Art and Craft Village of Hyderabad!

The welcoming entrance of Shilparamam

Hyderabad has many historical places to visit such as Golconda Fort, Charminar, Salarjung, Museum and so on. But there is one artistic place called Shilparamam Park which makes you feel cheerful in any season, relaxes you out of your hectic day and a perfect place to hang out with friends and family.

The entrance of Shilparamam park is lively and welcoming with greenery and traditional art paintings, the chaatwalas and balloonwalas make it even more vibrant throughout the season. The entry is by paying for the ticket per person and children above 3 years.

Places to visit in Shilparamam Park

Replica of Rural Life

Rural life is brought alive
Rural life is brought alive

Since it is famous for the arts, the dummy village scene is worth watching. The rural life in the village presents the way of living and their practices during the olden days. The idols are crafted so attractively that it will give you a hunch of an actual person in the skin. It is good for the children of the present day as they can get a glimpse of how our ancestors lived.

Handicraft Items
Handicraft Items

Mini Zoo Inside

If you are going with kids, do not miss visiting a mini zoo inside the Shilparamam Park which will make them amazed and they will thank you for the fun trip you provided to them. Children can easily spend a few hours here.

Rock Museum

The creativity is unleashed in a beautiful way with the stone art at a small park inside Shilparamam park. The park needs quite a tread as it is located in uphill. The art has not untouched the old trees which have been crafted in such a way that it totally amazes the eyes.


Amphitheater in Shilparamam
Amphitheater in Shilparamam

The art village provides the platform to the budding artists to showcase their talent and it often comes up with various cultural music concerts. The seats are placed in an open area which keeps you close to nature and even closer to music. The show timings are generally mentioned on their website. You will get to see budding artists here.

When to go?

Any day is the perfect day to visit Shilparamam Park as it needs no planning, but the place is more thrilling and happening during national holidays and festivals like Ugadi and Sankranti as these festivals are celebrated with cultural programs in a superior way. The festivities are given a traditional touch with all pomp and glory which is worth watching.

Shopping handicraft Items
Shopping handicraft Items

Things at Shilparamam Park


One should never leave the place without visiting the shopping arcade which has the collection of handicrafts for home décor, artistic wooden pieces, wooden toys, jute materials, earthen pots, curtains, bangles, pagodas, marble products, and whatnot. It will not be a bad idea to visit here before setting up any office or home. Hyderabad’s authentic art of Kalamkari on cotton and silk fabric is a must-buy for a souvenir. Make sure to bargain for a reasonable price.


A Boat Ride is Refreshing
A Boat Ride is Refreshing

There are Boat rides, Bullock cart ride, and Battery car ride available to give some relief to your tired foot. The boat ride is open only during the season. Children can certainly enjoy this.


There are plenty of eatery options available inside and outside Shilparamam, so one will never leave the place empty stomach after a wonderful day out. You can taste Andhra style cuisines here which are spicy and yummy.

The place is well maintained, covered with green tall trees and beautiful seasonal flowers which makes you lost in the lap of nature. The ambiance is absolutely restful, calling you again and again for peace of mind. Do not forget to take pictures with beautiful backgrounds for remembrance.

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