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Sachin continues Heroics off the Pitch – Adopts Puttamraju Kandiga

Sachin Tendulkar's Social Works

Sachin Has become God to these People alsoSachin continues Heroics off the Pitch

The master blaster had adopted the village of Puttamraju Kandiga in Andhra Pradesh under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana in November last year. The movement was flagged off by Narendra Modi in October, with many such villages being undertaken by MLAs to improve the quality of life in their selected village.

Development work in PRogress

Puttumraju Kundiga is a small village with only 400 people living in the 120 houses. Located 150 kilometers north of Chennai, most of the residents of the village are backward class or blow poverty line Scheduled Cast people, the village had far from adequate living standards to offer its residents. However, Sachin’s magic wand has tackled all the problems quite swiftly and ably.

Where other villages have yet to see work begin on them, Puttamraju Kundiga has been all patched up and good to go in the four months from the time when it was adopted by Sachin Tendulkar. The village where people did not have toilets in their homes now has an underground sewage network with treatment plant, storm-water drains, a community hall and a playground. Concrete roads run along the length and breadth of the village. Even the most alluded facilities of twenty four hour water and electricity supply in most villages in India has been brushed away by Sachin’s active administration and steadfast planning. Tendulkar invested a sum of Rs 2.79 crores from the MP Local Area Development Scheme funds, and the government also chipped in with Rs. 3 crores.

No time was wasted in giving the village a fresh and clean outlook, and it now serves as a model for other MLAs who have also adopted some village or another under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.

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