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Recharge Groundwater for Greener Tomorrow!

recharge groundwaterWith many changes happening in the atmosphere, the eco-balance is getting affected. The rain has become unpredictable, either it over-rains or there is no rain. With the result, people are depending more and more on ground water. Ground water, in simple words is the water present below the superficial layer. We are only extracting ground water indiscriminately for various purposes like drinking, household use, agricultural use, industrial use and so on. So ground water is extracted to the maximum possible extent. Is anybody thinking of recharging the ground water?

Ground water gets automatically recharged from rain water in the natural process. The water seepage is getting prevented in urban areas due to the following facts:

  • Buildings occupying majority of the land space, at places up to 75% of the area is covered.
  • Roads are naturally covered by asphalt
  • Footpaths are covered either by concrete or asphalt to help pedestrians
  • The Little space around the house is covered by concrete for easy maintenance

At this rate, someday the ground water table is diminishing day by day and if this continues, the results may be irreversible. It is high time we take steps to recharge groundwater.

  • What we can do to recharge groundwater is :
  • Water the plants around the house
  • Direct the rain water to bore wells instead of allowing them into drains.
  • Rain water to be harvested for recycling
  • Big apartments can recycle water and use it for gardening.
  • Limit use of ground water unless it is essential

Exhausting the natural resources can be compared to suicide. Wake up, preserve and recharge groundwater, save the earth for future generations. Even a little step towards the goal will help reach there someday.

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