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Is Interpersonal Relationship Taking a Back Seat?

interpersonal relationship

interpersonal relationshipThere was a time when mingling with people and having time together was given utmost importance and was a way of relaxing and entertaining. This way of living and social interaction has many benefits. It is a great stress buster and also sharing each other’s problems and feelings make you forget your own problem. That apart, it also helps in developing one’s personality and teaches the art of living. But with more and more urbanization and industrialization, this habit is slowly vanishing. We have come to a stage where we have started asking ourselves is it necessary to talk to a neighbor? Is it necessary to visit a relative?

Unless there is some work and some strong reason urban people hardly have the time or mentality to visit relatives or friends. Where is this leading to? There are many side effects of this habit such as :

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Getting Self-centered
  • Not able to respect other’s feelings

All this may seem minor when people are running behind their career and dreams. But once this stage is over, they will realize that they have reached a point where they are not able to run. Standing still, nobody around with them. They will have everything, money, house, car all luxuries of life, but yet not happy. Don’t you think this is the negative effect of too much of urbanization? Is it not time to think about this? Is it not time to spare some time to develop interpersonal relationship, have friends and enjoy life rather than running behind luxuries, gaining assets and making money?

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