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Rampal Baba – Playing Hide and Seek!

Rampal Baba

Supposed to be a messenger of God and Peace!

More than 200 people are injured in Rampal Baba Ashram clashes!

Press and Media reporters manhandled!

Policemen among many injured!

These are the headlines of the news about Rampal Baba Ashram, coming from Hissar, Haryana. Ashram is supposed to be a place where there is absolute divinity, peace, morality and ‘Ahimsa’. Look at the state of this Ashram run by self-declared God man Rampal baba!

The present status at Ashram

The Ashram had enough weapons to fight a huge police force, they are keeping devotees as hostages. The devotees locked up inside the Ashram include women and children. All this started in the wake of the police trying to take custody of the Baba who is accused of murder. The so called Ashram has a huge stock of rifles, acid filled bottles, petrol balls and other weapons! The irony is still ‘Devotees’ used to throng the place. These ‘Devotees’ are supporting the baba and fighting the police!

History of the case

Rampal baba is accused of killing a villager way back in 2006 in collusion with his aides. Though Summons was issued to Baba to appear before the Court in connection with this case, baba promptly did not appear before the Court. In the wake of this, the Haryana and Punjab High Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Baba. Though disturbances were anticipated by the police, the arrest was inevitable as Baba never turned up before Court.

After so many people being injured, there is no certainty that the police will find Baba inside the Ashram. The Satlok Ashram, which is supposed to be the abode of peace, has turned into a war field.

If the God man is not at fault, why is he evading the law? If he attends the Court and proves his innocence in the case, he can walk free. Instead, why is he trying to use his so called devotees against the law? The 63 year old Baba is said to be ill and taking treatment at an unknown place. The question is, was this high drama required if the Baba is a saint? Can he not face law if he is innocent? The drama is not yet over, wait and watch!

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