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Rajnikanth to Act in the Remake of Raj Kumar Movie Bangarada Manushya?


Yes, this is true. Raj Kumar had given a super-duper hit movie in the 70s named ‘Bangarada Manushya’. The movie had created amazing records and it was the first movie which ran for a period of more than a year in a single theatre. People remember this movie even today and this is considered one of the best in Sandalwood.

Two Stalwarts

The movie had a strong storyline, powerful acting by Dr. Raj Kumar and Bharathi Vishnuvardhan. The music was excellent and there was a message to the mass. All this contributed to making this film a fabulous hit.

Now, this movie is being remade in Tamil and Rajnikanth is going to play the role that Dr. Rajkumar had played. Both are stalwarts and are kings in their states. Both are commended for their acting skills and simplicity. Director Ravikumar is planning to launch this movie, which is yet to be named after Super Star Rajnikanth completes his ongoing movie ‘Lingam’. More details are yet to come out. However, both Rajanikanth and Rajkumar are thrilled by the news and are eager to see the movie.


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