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Nimishamba Temple – Combination of Nature and Divinity

Nimishamba Temple
Nimishamba Temple

Nimishamba Temple is a place which attracts both religious minded people and nature lovers. The place has a mesmerizing beauty and the visitor also gets the blessing of Goddess Nimishamba, an incarnation of Parvathi. The main attraction of the place is the temple which is thronged by the devotees on all days. The crowd is more during Tuesdays, Fridays and holidays.

View of the Temple

The Temple, which is about 350-400 years old, is located on the banks of the river Cauvery. The visitor first can visit the river, make pooja to the river, have a bath or just refresh themselves and then visit the temple. On a crowded day, darshan may take a few hours, but on a normal day, one can get the darshan in 20-30 minutes. The temple is thronged more by business people, especially those in the field of movies. Many distributors and producers come here and pray before the release of the movie.

The Significance of Nimishamba Temple

The River Cauvery

Goddess here is said to be granting the wish of devotees every minute and hence the name Nimishamba. Devotees also believe that the Goddess grants the wishes of devotees within a minute.


The temple is located near Srirangapatna, Mysore. Just after Srirangapatna bus stand, on Bangalore-Mysore State Highway, a deviation leads to the temple.

How to Reach

The temple is close to Srirangapatnam on Bangalore Mysore highway. Trains and buses are available from both Bangalore and Mysore. One can drive down from Bangalore which would be about 2 hours’ drive, and from Mysore, it is just 15-20 minutes’ drive.

Serenity of Nature

When to visit

The temple can be visited any day of the year, but during the holidays, Fridays, and Weekends, the place is more crowded. It is one of the best picks for a day outing from Bangalore and Mysore.

What to do

  • Dip yourself in the cool waters of River Cauvery.
  • Spend some peaceful time doing meditation.
  • Enjoy the cool breeze and clear waters of the Cauvery river.
  • There are some small temples in the main temple complex.
  • Shop for the farm-fresh vegetables and fruits are available at reasonable rates.

Specialties at the Temple

People offer Lemon garlands to the Goddess. They also offer ‘Arishina’ ‘Kumkum’, Bangles, Saree, and ‘Bagina’ to the Goddess.

Nature has blessed this place abundantly and one can enjoy the serene beauty sitting on the steps near the river. The river Cauvery flows in all its glamour surrounded by greenery. Dipping in the water gives you a unique experience, but do not try this when there is heavy flow of water. 

Water and Greenery Greet the sky

The temple organizes lunch for the devotees on every full-moon day.

Places of interest around

Sangama: This is the place where rivers Cauvery, Lokapavani, and Hemavathi merge, and hence it is considered to be very auspicious by Hindus. The ancient temple of Sri Ranganatha has historical values and is a protected monument. Daria Daulat, Tippu Sultan’s Samadhi,

Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary: The best place for watching birds and enjoying their chirping. You can walk along the banks of the river listening to the bird’s songs. Salim Ali museum is a place worth visiting.

Nimishamba Temple To Karighatta
Nimishamba Temple To Karighatta

Karighatta: This is a small hillock located ahead of Nimishamba temple. There is a small temple atop the hill. You get a magnificent view of river Cauvery and the rich greenery surrounding her, from the hilltop.

Cauvery River View
Cauvery River View

Cauvery River View: This is a hotel you have to visit for a cup of coffee while returning to Mysore. It is situated along the riverside and you can enjoy hot cup of coffee on the banks of the river.

Mysore is also very close by, one can also visit the tourist attractions in Mysore. You can spend a couple of days here visiting places of tourist interest.

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