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Narendra Modi to visit Shabarimalai?

Shabarimalai Temple

If rumors are going to come true, yes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Shabarimalai, the abode of God Ayyappa. The Kerala BJP circles are talking about the Prime Minister’s Visit to the temple.

Shabarimala Temple

The issue is layered with curiosity because, visiting Shabarimalai is not like visiting any other temple. There are rules to be followed before one starts the Yatra. Some of the rules a person has to follow are:


Laksh of People Visit the place

  • Taking a bath twice a day and visiting the nearest temple every day.
  • Not wearing slippers.
  • The person should be a strict vegetarian and should not touch alcohol, cigarette etc.
  • Should not utter bad words.
  • Should wear only black cloth.
  • The journey also involves treading the forest by foot.

The temple has many traditions to be followed by the devotees. Also Darshan is possible only during specific periods and not round the year. In view of the above formalities which needs to be adhered to, the rumors that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting the temple has invoked much curiosity.

Despite lakhs of devotees visiting the temple during the season, the place lacks facilities. The road has not seen any improvement, boarding and lodging facilities are lacking, there is no organization to control the crowd and make the Darshan easy. Many a times there are stampedes and people have lost their lives. The devotees are also hoping that, the facilities may see improvement in the light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit. Keep fingers crossed, wait and watch!

Will he visit the temple?

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