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Are we at loss of emotions? Are we becoming Robots? - Realbharat

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Are we at loss of emotions? Are we becoming Robots?


Robos 01

Technology is seeing an upward graph every minute. It is good, but it has its own effect on human life. Earlier the options for purchase was limited, now the options to purchase gadgets, luxury items have gone up leaps and bounds. Everybody wants to possess as many luxury items as possible.

The simple life has metamorphosed into a luxurious one. Everybody, including me, has a feeling that only when we have gadgets and luxuries, we can be happy and comfortable. To possess these luxuries we need money. To earn money, everybody is running! The Majority of the urban population in the working age are employed in one form of work or the other. Running, running, running! No stopping, no time to think. Is this marathon run stealing our emotions? Are we at loss of emotions? Are we becoming Robots?At least I feel so. Look at the crime rates! It is increasing every minute. People are being butchered heartlessly for filthy issues. Children are committing suicide for small issues like their parents not getting them mobile phone or a bike.
Robot 02

Parents are lost not knowing how to handle children. Earlier, any elder, even a passerby could advise the youngsters and they never protested. Now parents cannot advise their own children!! Teachers, who were the role model for the children in shaping their minds have turned machines. Circumstances and rules have tied their hands and even those who have good intentions have their own limitations. That apart, a teacher committing crime on children shows to which gutter the ethics are falling.

Why this?

Is this the effect of technology? Or is it the greed for Luxury? The emotions such as sympathy, kindness are waning away from our lives. The helping nature, concern for fellow human beings have all hidden in the books and stories. I am amazed the way young children enjoy fighting, crime and horror on electronic media.

The irony is scientists are trying to fill emotions into robots. Contrarily humans are becoming robots without emotions.

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