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Know the reason why Galaxy note 7 were catching fire ? - Realbharat

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Know the reason why Galaxy note 7 were catching fire ?

The Korean manufacture has finally announced that what was wrong with their popular Samsung galaxy note 7 phablet.

After calling back all the Galaxy note 7, Samsung tested its 200,000+ note devices focused on testing of Fast charging,wireless charging,iris scanner,water resistance and their software. but none of them showed any issues regarding these.
but as they deeply examine the phones they found that the problem is there due to the battery  that was effecting by the design of the top corner.

Usually in all the devices, positive and negative electrodes are separated by an protective layer but due to the the upper right corner, the protective layer of phone is getting damaged and both the electrodes meet and cause a short circuit.
Its the one of the most important factor of failure of Note 7.

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