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How much salary package a software engineer can get in India?

Recent we found a Quora post, In which A person wants to know about How much exactly a Software engineer can earn in India.

We found a lot of answers, Here what the people say regarding this,

According to Sascha Thattil, A software developer hired by big e-commerce companies like Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal etc can provide big packages up to 30-35 lakh per annum and this also applicable for those who works in companies like Microsoft and Google, the priorities for these companies is to hire a great talent instead of cost saving

A software architecture Praveen Annu, Claimed that the person who  has good experience in coding can get up to Rs 15-20 lacs per annum in a service based companies while the companies who hire engineers for the in-house projects can pay up to Rs 18 lacs per annum.

He also added that In India developers can’t get more packages as compare to other countries like the USA, Here in Google, a talented person can get up to Rs 3.5 crore per annum.

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