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Indian Women- miles away from emancipation!

Women in India

women in India Indian women are unfortunately those who live a dual life. While to the world, we may project an image of an advancing nation yet a large chunk of the Indian women are still suppressed at various levels. Do not mistake me; I do not to speak of the lower classes of the society who neglect women owing to their illiteracy. I am pointing at those learned many who suppress women despite all their higher learning.

The differentiation starts early in life and never quite spares the fairer gender

There is hypocrisy every step of the way. While, it may just seem all well on the surface, but try scraping the surface and nothing seems right. Yes, we may just felicitate similar education to both our girls and boys, but why is it twomen in India 2hat women are discouraged to take up careers as gregariously as men do?

Climbing laboriously the career ladder, the woman has to face troubles every step of the way. While the office equation still asks her to prove herself each time, the responsibilities at home bog her down. Why is the so-called equivalent man ever so reluctant to share domestic duties?

And even if the modern woman, educated and all keep to homes to please all, there is exploitation in the hands of the boisterous extended families and compulsive husbands. Life is forever a battle for Indian women and just when the nation is recovering from the hangover of independence celebrations, I ask this one question- when would Indian women be actually free?

 Not my daughter- no not her!

So although, as naive as it may sound, I pray for sons and no daughters; the Indian society does not yet deserve one. I do not want her sacrificing herself for just about everybody else; no not my daughter. I do not want her to curb all her feelings; no not my daughter. I do not want her suffering in the hands of everybody else; no not my daughter. For life for Indian women is tough; it is! If she is weak, she is stepped all over, if she is smart, she is resented and if she looks for equal rights, she is denied each time.

The next time you trample one, think of your mother. The next time you violate one, think of your sister and the next time you deny a woman her right to individuality; swear not to father one!

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