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Indian Breed Cow Milk- Nectar of Modern Times - Realbharat

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Indian Breed Cow Milk- Nectar of Modern Times

Cow Milk

cow milkPure Indian breed cow milk has been noted for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The Charaka Samhita, one of the most authoritative, ancient and comprehensive works of Ayurveda has advocated the use of cow products of such breed for treating several ailments.

This fact is also reaffirmed in modern times by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Research who has shown the superior milk quality of the pure Indian breed cow through its study. They scanned about 22 breeds of cattle, and summarized that five native breeds which yielded high volumes of milk also had 100% of A2 allele of the beta casein gene; whereas others had 94% and the exotic breeds like HF and Jersey contained only 60%.The A2 allele enriches the milk by providing greater amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids in milk. The five native breeds which came on the top in the study included the likes of Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Gir and Rathi.

The benefits obtained from pure Indian breed cow milk and its products are plenty. Some of them are cited below:

SAHIWAL-COWDesi cow milk is equivalent to nectar; it has a likeable taste when drunk in any form and the Strontium content in it increases the body’s immunity against several diseases. It has the highest amounts of anti-oxidants. Cow’s milk ranks next to mother’s milk in being a completely digestible form of food which provides full protection and energy to the body.

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee stimulates brain activity in children. Regular intake of cow milk increases good cholesterol levels in the body because of the high contents of Omega 3 in it. The presence of certain amino acids makes for easy digestion of its protein content. Cow milk is an excellent antidote to acidity problems. A cup of cold plain cow milk at night can give the much needed relief to an individual who has acidity problems.

Chances of peptic ulcer, breast, colon and skin cancer are supposed to lessen with its intake. It is regarded as an all-round nutrient with anti-aging properties and is widely used as an external applicant. Milk is used in many beauty and skin care products also.

The importance of this all-encompassing nutrient giving liquid can be seen from the following figures.

100 gms of Cow milk gives the following minerals and vitamins to an individual:

  • Calcium 1.20gm: Facilitates healthy teeth and bones
  • Phosphorus- 0.93 gm: Releases energy for physical and metabolic activity
  • Vitamin B12: Facilitates formation of healthy cells
  • Vitamin A: Promotes body’s immunity and good eyesight
  • Zinc: Enhances immune function
  • Riboflavin: Essential for healthy skin
  • Folate: Promotes formation of healthy cells
  • Iodine: Essential for regulating body’s metabolism rate

Additionally, iron content of 0.002gm and magnesium as well as elements such as Vanadium, tin, chromium, abhrak and sisa present in it prove beneficial to the body.

Pure breed Indian cows are doing extremely well in foreign countries such as Brazil where the cow belonging to the pure Gir breed has broken its own milk-yielding record.

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