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A Humble Salute to all the Teachers - Realbharat

Written by 9:51 pm Great Indians

A Humble Salute to all the Teachers

Dr. Radhakrishnan

The most influential person

The most influential person

There is a saying that a person need to be treated as a teacher, even if he has taught us one alphabet. Think of the innumerable people who have taught us and made us stand where we are today. Don’t think this is only for big people, it is for people like you and me also. Remember the early school days when our teachers were God to us. Every word they said influenced us so much that they are still registered in our minds. Those words were the foundation for what we are today.
We have also achieved many things to be what we are today. The guidance and help of the innumerable people who have helped us in this journey directly or indirectly is beyond measurement. They all deserve a salute on this day, which is specially meant for teachers ‘The Teachers Day’.
Teaching is the noblest profession of all because they are the machines which convert human beings into humans. They feel proud when their students achieve what they could not. A true teacher has always wished that his student will excel him. The contribution of a teacher in a person’s life is beyond words.
In our goal of achieving materialist things, in the rat race for success, we forget them. Marking a day in respect of teachers is to remind us where we came from, who helped us climb the ladders, who imbibed knowledge to us. In a way every person will be a teacher at one time or the other and for some person or the other. So in a wider sense, this is a day to salute every human being and also the day to remind us that if we have to teach others we have to practice first.
The need of the day is humanity, which is vanishing from the world. Let’s practice and teach humanity, apart from the worldly knowledge. Lets make this world a better place to live.

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