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How to Pick a Luxury Retreat to Enjoy your Vacation?

Luxury at its best!

Luxury at its best!

Luxury at its best!

Escaping away to a serene location is a bliss that everyone wishes to indulge in. After all, nothing would give you more happiness than spending some lone and quality time with people who matter a lot to you. So what is the point in waiting, just plan your itinerary, book yourself a suite in a resort or rent a house in Umbria or any other place you want to visit and make your vacation worthwhile.

If you have still not considered adding a holiday vacation yet, stop and think for a moment. Is it pleasurable to spend the holidays in the same city that you live? You would probably have to see the same roads, same buildings, and everything and in such a scenario, giving your body and mind a break becomes difficult.

I believe I could manage to light that small little urge inside you to hit a popular holiday destination this vacation. So hit the pause button on your busy life and escape into a world that would refresh your old memories and welcome new ones by getting a trip to a remote luxury retreat, maybe.

But now, you must be wondering how difficult it would be to choose the right luxury retreat for you. If that’s what the case is, here are some tips on how to pick a luxury retreat to enjoy your vacation.

The location is everything

Well, this is the most important thing that would really matter a lot to you. Going for a vacation is all about choosing the right destination. You wouldn’t want to visit a destination that is known for its thriving nightlife (clubs, pubs, discos) with your spouse and CHILDREN, isn’t it? Such destinations are suitable for a trip with your friends’ gang or just your partner.

Living amidst lush greenery is Indeed Luxury

Living amidst lush greenery is Indeed Luxury

Places that are still virgin and not very crowded are the best options. Why not rent a house in Umbria, in the lap of the scenic beauty of nature or a resort in the midst of the white sand and light blue ocean of the Phi Phi Island? Sounds intriguing!

Pick the theme for the retreat

The theme of the retreat is another important factor to be considered during the initial planning days. It shouldn’t be like a looking-beach-going-hill-station kind of a thing. So, pre-plan the theme after taking into account every single parameter.

Luxury at its peak!

Luxury at its peak!

Hill stations are mostly about exploring and engaging in activities. Beaches are mostly about immersing into the surrounding without a lot of activities to indulge in. So take your call here. If you just want to laze around and spend some time away from the busy schedule, hit the beach or if you love adventure sports, a hill station is your thing.

Set the dates and duration

Depending on how long leave you have been granted at your workplace or how many days you can spend on a holiday trip, you need to determine the departure and the return dates accordingly and well in advance. A luxury retreat vacation should be planned for a week. After all, the moment you check-in into your luxury retreat suite, you wouldn’t want to leave before you get the most out of the memorable days.

Determine the budget

This is probably a very important thing to consider unless you run a successful business which gives you a monthly profit that is 10 times the salary of a bank manager. Luxury retreats are expensive, sometimes a lot. Most of the villa resorts and suites cost a fortune (though often not as much as 3 or 4-star hotels) and you wouldn’t be left with a dime by the time you return.

Hence, chalking out your budget and planning on your expenses are indispensable. Unless, of course, you are rich enough to buy the entire villa, upon reaching the spot.

Decide the level of luxury

Don’t go with the stereotypical notion that if you are not generous on your budget, you won’t get to enjoy a luxurious retreat. The truth is, international holiday trips aren’t dead expensive as you may have thought. Even if you are from a developing country, a Europe tour isn’t as expensive as unaffordable.

Beautiful and Luxurious Combination!

Beautiful and Luxurious Combination!

So let’s get this straight, visiting a holiday destination that is not very crowded will be cheaper than a place that has become extremely common. For example – Phi Phi Island is cheaper than Spain, any day.

Why should you pick a luxury retreat?

Holiday retreats are becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. Luxury vacation retreats are often built in the lap of nature or the main attraction. As for an example, you won’t find many big 3-star hotels along the shoreline of a beach but the number of resorts and villas are higher.

Here are some reasons why you should pick a luxury retreat holiday.

Peaceful yet luxurious!

Peaceful yet luxurious!


Quite contradictory! But when you actually consider a luxury retreat on your holiday, you will find that they are more cost-effective than some of the big luxury hotel suites. Moreover, it is always a great idea to book a villa or a rental home because they have quite a lot of amenities like a kitchen and all. So you can save quite a lot of the bucks by feeling yourself at home.

Becomes a home away from home

Luxurious yet homely!

Luxurious yet homely!

Just a continuation of where I left in the previous point. A luxury retreat or a rental villa will give you the freedom of making it a home away from home. You can have a couple of bedrooms (separate for everyone), a kitchen (so that you can enjoy the local dish your own way) and also experience some other amenities like a personal swimming pool or garden.

The enjoyment is always higher

And lastly, nothing can beat the fun that you have when you are around your gang, be it your family or a group of friends. Staying in a luxury retreat villa will give you some amazing memories of quality moments that you spend with the people who matter to you, but of course, in the middle of some of the most exotic locations of the world. Beat that!

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