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Brij Region of India : The Land for the Sweet Tooth

Malai Ghewar

In India every auspicious occasion is celebrated with sweets and our nation is blessed to have thousands different types of sweets. But then some regions are experts when it comes to making sweets and the Brij region, area around Agra and Mathura, excels in making sweets.

Apart from Holi of Vrindavan and Taj Mahal of Agra, one must try sweets of this region which will not leave you disappointed and leave you craving for more. The variety of sweets is mind boggling but some of them need a particular mention.

You’ll really put on weight before you try out all of them. So let the sweet carnival begin!


This sweet has its origins in Rajasthan but is equally popular in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. It looks like a “Beehive” and there are basically two types of Ghevar, Plain Ghewar and Malai(Cream) Ghewar. Toppings comprise of Pistachios, Almond, Cashews and a tinge of Saffron.

It is a lip smacking sweet and comes around during the time of festivals of Rakshabandhan and Teej. Too bad it is available only for a month, however in some places in Rajasthan one can find it all year round.

The best Ghewar or for that matter any sweet in the Agra region is made by Dau ji sweets, Mor Mukut Sweets, GMB, Deviram and Brijwasi.

Plain Ghevar


Malai Ghevar

Malai Ghewar


It is almost the trademark of Agra which apart from the Taj Mahal is famous for its sweet called Petha. It is a sweet dating back to the Mughal times. Made up of Ash Gourd, it has numerous varieties and is good for the stomach and digestion, so having Petha after a meal is considered good.

There are hundreds of varieties of Petha but the most famous are Dry Petha, Kesar Petha, Angoori Petha and Paan Petha. Today we have Chocolate petha, Mango petha, Strawberry petha and they come up with new varieties every now and then.

In Agra the best Petha manufacturers are Gopaldas Pethe wala, which is in Kinari Bazar, and Panchhi Petha store.

Dry Petha

Plain petha

Kesar Petha

Pan Petha

Pan Petha

Angoori Petha

Angoori pehta

Gud Gajak : The Indian Candy Bar

Another mouthwatering delicacy of the Brij region is Gajak or Chikki. Though the Gajak of Morena near Gwalior is said to be of the best quality but Agra is not far behind. There are a variety of Gajaks available which can be made up of Sesame seeds, Peanuts and Jaggery, Laai and Jaggery.

Coconut Gajak, and a Gajak which is a mix of melon seeds, almonds, gud gajak, makhane(Euryale Ferox) is made around the festival of Janamashtami, which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. It is called Paag but I believe it can be clubbed in the category of Gajak.

No one can defeat Agra when it comes to Desi Ghee Gajak. One can take Gajaks from both Panchhi Petha store and Gopaldas when his or her visit to Agra. This region certainly knows how to make them!

Agra’s Gajak


Mathura’s Peda

No, do not confuse it with Petha, it is different and is the specialty of the Hindu Holy city of Mathura and is made up of Khoya, a milk product. If you go to Mathura do not miss them, especially around the Banke Bihari temple.

Mathura's Peda

So indulge in your sweet fantasies while your trip to the Brij region.

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