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Best Hill Stations in India for a Fabulous Holiday!

Hill stations in India

Looking for best hill stations for a cool holiday? Do you have every intention to explore the amazing icebox cold places this blazing summer holidays? Are you thinking of visiting hill stations? If you do, then It is conspicuous to write down, which hill station is top notch and in a class all by itself. 

Hill stations in India

India has always hypnotized a large number of tourists throughout the planet; to pay a visit where numerous religiosity were built-in and lived high on the hog. Surprisingly, almost all the breathtaking hillsides in India are flourished by Britishers, as a breathing space from the overbearing summertime hot spell.

India is one of the definite travelers outgoing stomping ground in the universe. The country is dappled with the majestic hill stations, outset right from northern Jammu and Kashmir to Portside Tamil Nadu.

India has multitudinous hills round trip to discriminate between from, however, the dilemma continues which one to single out. Here are  6 best hill stations in India that you can make a selection to make your holidays more real gone!

Shimla – Ecstasy for the Eyes

Shimla Hill station

Shimla is known as the sunny season major back in the old days of Britishers. However, Shimla is momentarily the chief capital of Himachal Pradesh, beyond a shadow of a doubt is a ecstasy for the eyesight. In addition to its eye-catching panorama. It is a territory which is mostly acknowledged for its traditional civilization and immortal artistry.

You could catch a glimpse of Shimla’s popular dance form, ‘Nati’ which can be a good entertainment. This indicated miraculously coldish and charismatic city extends including a mountain hill, embraced by Cedar, Oak, and Rhododendron trees draped all over in the woods. Furthermore, the town is perfectly conspicuous for its pro-revolutionary constructions and ancient rail line; The old-fangled Christ Church along with its alluring blemished glass, more than that; the magnetized field of visions from Viceregal Lodge and Scandal Point will make your tour much more rip-roaring and memorable.

Nainital – The Lake Commune of India

Nainital uttrakhand

A breathtaking hillside situated in the Kumaon region of the Uttrakhand, neighboring the uneasy volcanic reservoir Nani, Nainital is garnished by large numbers of tourist and designated as the Lake commune of India. It is a landing-place for all! If its a paradisaic family tour or a lovey-dovey breakout. There is a hill-climbing club called Nainital Mountaineering Club, the term is sufficient to hurray the energizing junkies. Accompanying with the quality of hike treks and the photographic neck of the woods, Nainital is a must visit hill station.

Kullu – The Valley of Gods

kullu Himachal Pardesh

The hillside is avowed as the “Valley of Gods”. It acquires bounteous esoteric folktales latched into its journey. Kullu & Manali are dyadic twofold hill destinations that are brimming over with the visitor from the beginning to the end of the year. Kullu is decked by numerous out-of-date forsaken temples and carnivals. The augustness and the purlieus of the Himalayas will put the chills on each living soul who will ever pay a visit to this splendid venue.

Mussoorie – Queen of the Hills 

zip line in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, sit-atop in Uttrakhand, is high-powered and renowned as the ‘Queens of the hills’. It is markedly different and delightful hillside to travel. Whilst gawking over Dehradun, Mussoorie yields the deep feeling of déjà vu, a figment of imagination left out in your lifetime. A late afternoon pace to the shopping mall pathway is bounteous to embrangle you to get migrated to Mussoorie and nourish the long-lived memoir. Overwhelmed with abounding first-class boarding schools of India; Mussoorie is a journeyer and the schooling heart of the State. The Loveliness of the hilltop has even dazzled the famed author, Ruskin Bond.

Almora – Place which Inspired Swamy Vivekananda

almora hills

The good looks of the Almora hills have bewitched a lot. For instance, Swami Vivekananda who has performed meditation in Almora and wrote crowd-pleasing speeches. The hill station is a sanatorium for the humankind who visit the hills to mitigate from the humdrum of liveliness.

Darjeeling – The City of Heritage Train


Ordinarily acknowledged as the Seventh Heaven of Eastern India, Darjeeling’s natural fascination is plenteous to con game a day-tripper and hold him mesmerize all of his lifespans. The outlandish town has innumerable extraneous waterfalls, the tremendous flowering of different shades along with the colossal Tea garden fields. In addition, The Darjeeling Tea is one of the mightily Teas beverages on the planet.

So, While writing down the place you are planning to explore this summer holidays, don’t forget to add these magnificent hill stations into the list which are considered best Hill Stations of India; It will surely leave fifty shades of color into your journey!

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